You Want to First Time Vex in My Ranked Game? Sure Why Not.... -

You Want to First Time Vex in My Ranked Game? Sure Why Not….

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  1. I 1st time Vex in rank, and I currently run it on a 14 win streak with her as support 🤣

  2. wait a minute this aint vex D: ive been played

  3. Bruh that teamfight around second baron… Why did you do literally nothing?

  4. How did you miss a whole pink ward in that Bush in you red side jungle you walked thru at 12 minutes?

  5. honestly, when i get sup veigar… i tend to go tanky since you're going to be spamming skills to build ap via veigars passive, and something like crystal septre puts slows on your q, it's trol as fk for the enemy if they don't pay attention and dump burst damage on you because "everyone knows" veigar is squishy

  6. Losing streak looks like. Just setting up for that fat winning promotion streak let's goooooooo

  7. Most games can be called in the first 15 minutes. This was one of those games. every role did poorly. mid, jg, and top were potatoes.

  8. I honestly don’t blame the Volis salt after that kill. Tahm should not b in top

  9. I do think being a tank would've helped this. If you were playing Leona that Lee would have been a lot easier to pin down and delete

  10. What's up guys it's boosted bot lane in the Betty

  11. I posted this on an earlier video but, you just have to look them up before the game and ban the troll champs BEFORE they hover. that way you can just excuse it as, "unlucky." You have to be quick tho!

  12. "that bind could have hit any of those little mages" and what are you if not one of them

  13. You can first time a champ in ranked no problem but you have to have a solid understanding of basic game mechanics, which most people lack. But it's frustrating to go into a game and want to pick up the new champ and get flamed for it due to how bad other people are.

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