You NEED to try out Vex! -

You NEED to try out Vex!

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Quantum plays Vex!

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  1. New drinking game : Drink everytime Nick says BIG

  2. KIRRRRREN! Where's the comment of the day?!

  3. I want to say poor Lucian, but it's funnier to watch him knowing you're coming for him, try to run and die anyways.

  4. I did a spit take with my drink every time Lucian got butt blasted.

  5. Did he ever say why he doesnt facecam? I wanna see a face to that handsome voice uwu.

  6. Can we talk about the fact that even yas is going tank mythic, why you gotta do us tank mains dirty and get the items nerfed while still being 5x stronger than us

  7. There's no doubt in my mind that Nick is one of the Vexs ever

  8. I was the one that Won all of T_sharks points on that 96 to 4 bet Clueless

  9. what was that Build from Yasuo? why go frostfire? is everyone a tank now?

  10. Glad I can catch your YouTube videos even when I miss your streams♡♡♡

  11. 0:37 i have that too sometimes and idk why my mouse just feels different sometimes

  12. i mean, the most feared in the nation would be less than in the server.
    So if you´re the most feared in the US, you leave out Canada that is also in the NA server, and any other player in the world that might be playing in that region. Kinda degrading your skills.

  13. I. Hate. Wind wall. Why wind blocking literal celestial God things omg

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