You NEED TO DO THIS with Candies.. ( + How to Get Candies FAST) -

You NEED TO DO THIS with Candies.. ( + How to Get Candies FAST)

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You NEED TO DO THIS with Candies.. ( + How to Get Candies FAST)
why are they adding spam fruits

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  1. I’m in mobile -_- is hard because I can’t auto click in apple 😫

  2. It only took me 10 hours to get 2 items, the Santa Claus Hat and the Trenor

  3. Just grind candies spend it for fragments and if u got a fruit from the event and alr have it just do raid and if your freinds drop their fruits do more raids then repeat the process there you go alot of fragments.

  4. The Santa hat and the elf hat and the sleigh have been here there. The last two Christmas updates. They need to replace them with better accessories they can be higher priced I don’t care. I’ll just grind the candies but like we are having way stronger accessories, and they kinda need to update them.

  5. honestly just get a auto clicker with a fighting style and afk candy or other stuff

  6. If you are not max the best way for you to get candy is honestly just grind your quest and you get lvls

  7. 3 hours for 7k frags? u can get over 30k fragments in 3 hours by doing raids

  8. bro its the accessorie for low level players

  9. Bro I need to travel. Fast so grinding for sleigh

  10. PLS Redyvex do this combo

    Combo is

    Gravity cane-z

    Serpent bow-x

    Serpent bow-z




  11. ALSO THIS IS IDEA FOR NEW VIDEO : 1v1 with Hyperjay06 or Jinn
    and do FASTEST COMBO

    Combo is

    Gravity cane-z

    Serpent bow-x

    Serpent bow-z




  12. Wait are jinn's friend? I saw you on his vid and am not bald cus i subbed

  13. Use quake and tinytask stand in the middle on top of a building on one side of tiki NOT THE MIDDLE OF THE ISLAND, make a tiny task of you spamming sea quake it will give you candies fast

  14. I got godhuman and sanguine arts 600 mastery before I got all Santa’s accessories

  15. an easy afk for candy, you go in the sanguine place corridor thingy, setup a macro to spam quake V and leave it overnight in a private server

  16. Yo redyvex can u give me perm rumble so I start making vids like u I want to be a legend like u❤ :)?

  17. For F2P they should farm for the sleigh its the second fastest boat in the game

  18. what fruit do you recommend for pvp and martial arts

  19. Guys enchant your cdk with lucky then you can get so many candies I got 700 from this

  20. I'm littary grinding for the sleigh since I don't had any fast boats and the sleigh alone being a very quick boat.

  21. It's faster to do a raid for 1000 frags than it is to grind candy to buy 200-500 frags…

  22. You get 90% chance to get minimum 10 candys from bosses any boss

  23. If you use a small avatar you can glich under the floor in tiki island but you have to use buddha glich and shark glich in order to do the glich

  24. Your the best you make best videos and best content your the best❤

  25. dude what is the song name for the small montage😂

  26. U could spend 10 mins in raid and get the double frag

  27. Awk Magma is great for grinding candies

  28. Bro it takes approx 5 mins to grind a raid and it gives 1k frags so its just better bruh

  29. Bro casually showing us he has perm kitsune and mamoth 😂❤

  30. Man i remeber when the max lvl was 1425 ish santa hat was the go-to accesorie those were the good times

  31. bruh i really wanna grind candies but i am using dough and i have perm buddha but ill lose my dough :0 ( i really want sleigh oi dont got robux for fast boats)

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