YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE WHOLE GAME! VEX! - Training for Master | League of Legends -

YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE WHOLE GAME! VEX! – Training for Master | League of Legends

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We’re playing some more Vex and honestly… we carry this game 1v5… I’m saying this here because a lot of people will tune out of the game without watching the whole thing, PLEASE watch the whole game, it’s very satisfying! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Vex Mid Gameplay.

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YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE WHOLE GAME! VEX! – Training for Master | League of Legends


  1. So you think the sample size of however many games you've played on Vex is more indicative of whether she's overpowered than the huge amount of data Riot has, based on literally hundreds of thousands of games? I'm not sure that's how math or logic work.

  2. Honest this feels like every game for me. I either get ahead and carry or don't and lose.

  3. that was AMAZINGGGG! sometimes I don't think the champion is OP, it's just Huzzy being OP lol

  4. Good game except I literally had to mute you. Yikes on the commentary.

  5. Day 1 of helping the huzzy algorithm, been a fan for years!

  6. I've been seeing a lot of "odd" picks since I started playing more actively again (thanks Arcane!). Seen a couple botlane Kindreds and Skarners specifically. They yell something in the lobby about how it's gonna be the new meta, how they theorycrafted it and it has been hidden OP. Or they say something like: "It's just preseason bro, I'm just limit testing bro." (every sentence always ends on bro for some reason) and then they at best do nothing and at worst int their way into a defeat screen. I consider it another example of Riot sucking at policing the community they've fostered and in many cases encouraging toxic behavior. (Stuff like unbanning Tyler1, treating him with kid gloves and the way they treated that one inting Singed that got LPP reported by Nightblue a few years back come to mind.)

  7. bro that was a freaking awesome showing from you, real 1vs9 carry, this really hypes up the fact that youll be serious this season and this is only preseason.

  8. Every once in a long while Huzzy calls for an ff vote when he is carrying and makes a mistake. I see that happen in a lot of my games where the person carrying calls for and ff when they make a mistake, sometimes their first one. Just something that happens sometimes.

  9. Vid 199 of trying to get huzzy cannons famous

  10. i dont think vex is overpowered. She has a very easy to play win condition which is her ulti but as we saw if you dont hit ulti vex is nowhere as big a threat. However, I ain't complaining. I love seeing you carry games!

  11. am conflicted now Azzap says she's not broken and now huzzy says she's broken who do i believe more? xDD

  12. Well played Huzzy! Vex's damage is very high atm but you played very well man, especially getting those ult resets!

  13. Bro you had 3 yordles on your team. Just needed lulu and Tris to complete the set

  14. I got the same problem with the ignite, I think it is a bug!
    I was sure the my D button was broken as well -_-

  15. Today i played the "44% win rate" ryze and went 12 and 0 which demonstrates what huzz just said

  16. I remember Huzzy saying he saw someone moving his mouse cursor and I have never been so paranoid in my life.

  17. Huzzy played really well but I love the fact that this game was completely unwinnable if he didn't pick a s11 champ. And keep in mind Vex is one of the taner ones. Her damage and also reset on R are just dumb. Imagine if Noc had an R reset, or Ahri, or Malphite. Riot is desparate to oversaturate champs with unecessary mechanis

  18. 29:35 why did poppy place a ward down??? It made her stop for a second so the enemy catch on her

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