You Are Using Tab Targeting WRONG - Final Fantasy 14 Targeting Tips With Xeno -

You Are Using Tab Targeting WRONG – Final Fantasy 14 Targeting Tips With Xeno

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Xeno talks about targeting in Final Fantasy XIV and which settings should you use so you never mistarget ever again. Xeno goes over his settings and shows you the 3 keybinds he uses for targeting.

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  1. My last Ucob whipe while my group is going for the kill was provoking my current target instead of the other on the last ads swap because I was getting ready to clemency the other tank because healers down and I swapped back to the wrong one because I panic cycled. If I can find or bind target last target or nearest target on controller then I think we're cooking with gas. Thanks for the handy tip, I also recently learned the MO > Other tank shirk and OT mit macros, I have learned a few handy tricks lately.

    Also the thing with PvP, that's the only time I target with mouse while playing controller which feels cringe. That or I deselect and click X which is usually closest to me but I think it's also a cone select so i need to fix that with binds if I can

  2. Why target when you have banned from media tour content

  3. I miss the tab-targeting from SWTOR. In that game, you can force the game to target the enemy closest to the center of your screen, making it much easier to tab-target a specific target even in a large group.

  4. In case no one else mentioned solving the PvP targeting, at least for the 5v5 mode, you can assign a target macro to each enemy target instead of using tab.

    I'm not recommending this as a macro combo with your skills, only as a method to simply target the enemy more consistently.

  5. I just absolutely love how xeems is trying to explain something and like 99% of chat is basically "bro who asked pepeW" and "did someone see any askers Shruge"

  6. Hey Xeems, for the double target, why not just use focus target? Focus target allows you to keep both enemies targeted and if you want to switch to the other, you just have to click on the focus target bar. My focus target is set to middle mouse so it's really simple for me to watch two healthbars. You can also do this for things like healing. If you focus target a tank, you will always know how much health they have while you're fighting enemies.

  7. Thank you for information baldo. I only do island santucary these days but if I ever do combat again I’ll take a look at my keybinds

  8. I’ve got a mouse that helps with this, it’s got a part of buttons right next to the left button and it’s so easy to use that as my target button

  9. But mr xeems, there is only 1 boss in every endwalker raid ive done

  10. Only game I’ve played with worse tab targeting than 14 is ff11. That shit will legit target everything on the planet besides what you want it to. And before anyone says well just use F8 I will say why the f is a button used that often located on the other side of my keyboard

  11. Cone Targeting fails to target the enemy if the enemy's center mass is above your camera angle, IE every wall enemy. I used this as a healer on e3s, it was awful. One of Squenix's other MMO's has solved this problem, as well as every other jank this game has, despite being on an older engine.

  12. E and Q? :concern: those are some great binds for abilities.

  13. What does it matter, raids only have 1 enemy anyways. No more add phases kekw

  14. Pro tip: use a controller and you can tab with left and right, been doing this for years and years and years and nuff said.

  15. This would've been nice for Jagd Dolls. Holy shit.

  16. 4:15 I was just about to mention this, this is so useful for situation like grabbing the Spiny Plume in UWU. I will often move to where the mob will be and zoom my camera in a tiny bit to make sure it gets tabbed to first.

  17. you free up so many binds with an mmo mouse its great.

  18. heavy sigh time to rebind q shift q Ctrl q alt q e shift e ctrl e and alt e and then spend a week fat fingering it

  19. One of the nice things about Xeno is he aint afraid to let you know when FF14 has some dogshit like their poor tab targeting, instead of just simping for the game. Xeno's a real giga chad.

  20. Its kind of weird but the default is actually a radius from the center of your screen, only enemies in view on screen, not from your character. Its very silly. I like target nearest enemy.

    Also, a game with worse targetting would be Everquest / Project 1999, but even YOU are too young for that ;D

  21. As a healer main I use Target of Target most often. I typically use this because it allows me to focus on what everyone else is hitting. So if I'm hitting the boss and use Target of Target it switches to the MT and it makes applying the correct mitigations to the correct tank during tank swap much easier to weave. It ends up looking something like
    Glare>ToT to MT> Aquaveil> ToT to Boss/Glare>ToT to OT mid swap> Divine benison> ToT back to Boss/Glare. I have it bound to my T key so it's really easy to hit while weaving.
    I'll still hit tab sometimes if there is only 1 enemy ^^

  22. This is one advantage of NOT having the camera up in the sky. With a more forward facing camera you can pan it around to specify who you're targeting (tab targetting will not target units that arent on screen). I have almost no problems with it and even subconsciously use it to select a target on the left and then pan to middle and press again to ensure the middle target is selected.

    I'm not sure why everyone is so obsessed with zooming way out and having a Birdseye. I never have any issues seeing the mechanics.

  23. I macro my target closest key on top of 5 of my primary ability keys on my mouse, activates both the targeting and ability simultaneously. Not the best for casters, but great for melee. Probably the closest I could get to action combat without hitting another key.

  24. Q as target nearest enemy is something I started doing since Guild Wars 1 in… 2006. Heck yeah, such a great tool.
    The goddamn profanity bleep being xeno's mic arm sound is genius 😀

  25. I really hope they straight up send an infiltrator to Blizzard office and just steal their tab targeting for 7.0

  26. SWTOR for all its flaws had the best 'tab targeting' in any MMO I played. It has an option 'target center screen enemy' and will target whoever is closest to the middle of your screen, so it was just a matter of angling your camera so the desired target was in the middle, then hitting tab. After a small bit of practice it worked extremely well.

  27. I love cone targeting, but it is generally worse if you aren't super used to how it works.

  28. As a healer I also use Target of Target
    Yeah Tab target is scuffed in PVP

  29. cone targeting is nice, until you face a giant boss/mob that you can't target this way without moving the camera up

  30. The tab targeting in this game and WoW used to be absolute perfection and then both games changed something that ended up breaking it. I'll never understand it.

  31. One thing that I really dislike about the gigantic boss models is that unless you can see certain spots on the boss it won't allow you to tab target them. This is annoying during TOP p1 when I'm trying to heal and move for towers/tethers. So one thing I use a lot is the target of target which allows me to target the boss even if I am not looking at it.

  32. sorry to say but he isnt right here if you look at the targets names from his position the target on the left is actually close to the center of the road then the one on the right so the left one was actually closer to him then the right one.

  33. I've had Q assigned exactly the same basically since Stormblood. Very funny to see that.

  34. I tab target with the scroll wheel and use alt + wheel click to focus target

  35. I pretty much exclusively use tab-targetting, so it's interesting to see how someone else does it. TBH, I'm not sure I even knew there were other key options to target things and I've been playing this game since ARR launch ^_^;; I also use an MMO mouse to play, and what I've basically trained myself to do is to keep my middle finger pressed down on the RMB at all times, so I can tilt the camera wherever it needs to be to cut my field of vision so I can retarget (usually almost directly above my head), then swing it back down again to a wide field once the targetting has been completed. The tab targetting in this game is jank and I wish I DIDN'T have to do it that way, but I've done it for so long now, it doesn't really bother me anymore either.

  36. FFXIV could defintely learn from WoW's soft targeting system where the tab target is chosen based on where you're looking. Outside of having to select a specific target in a horde of mobs, you can pretty finesse any target you want with some camera manipulation. It just works.

  37. "…no way that I'm going to target it because I moved my camera" until it does just target people offscreen for some reason.

  38. I appreciate this. The targeting system in this game has been very frustrating. Never thought to add a key for closest and last target.

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