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Xeno’s First Time in a Night Club

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  1. I will never be able to get past the degeneracy that is places like this. Like unironically I wish people that actively participated in stuff like this would get banned. ERP is a scourge on this game and I don't honestly care if you disagree.

  2. Soft dad went to that night club and made sure everyone was home by 9pm sharp

  3. I was so extremely surprised when i heard he went to my fcs club lol

  4. Everyday I find the separation between Pandaemonium and Limsa Lominsa harder to make

  5. Just go to balmung…this seems friendly in comparison.

  6. Brothers, stay away from the filth of lominsa 😂

  7. Some people go for crazy amounts of gil, specially artists that draw characters. If I can find one I'll easily fork out 20-30 mil for one, some go for 50+

  8. This is how I got an obscene amount of Gil, enough to Pentameld all Roles and specific gear pieces for some Jobs. I was a female Hellsguard Roegadyn, black skin, short hair (Styled for Hire hair), face 2 (same face as Moenbryda), siren lips, really cute and BEEFY.
    There are some WEIRD people in this game, and the ERP scenario is wild. I spent 2 months on some venues and I earned 120m Gil while practicing my English with some nasty stuff in private rooms. I still have 22m.

  9. That fellow lalla at the end there seem to know whats up

  10. the more I see of these places the more confident I am in my decision to not interact with anyone I don't already know outside the game, geez

  11. Soft Dad trying to tell everyone to go home where their parents are home worried about them.

  12. More FF14 night club streams please. This is wild. 😯

  13. Good to see Primal getting some quality exposure and not just Crystal

  14. Wow Holy shit I DESIGNED THIS PLACE ON ULTROS ○/ awesome to see xeno there

  15. LOL, welcome to my world! It still amazes me how creative people can be with the emotes!

  16. This Xeno arc has been fabulous. Housing, glam and now clubbing?

  17. Zuckerberg has a lot to learn, metaverse is a kindergarten compared to this

  18. "Xeno’s First Time in a VIRGIN Night Club" fixed the title for ya

  19. You either die a raider or you live long enough to join the (E)RPers

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