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Xeno Reacts To Twitch Unban Requests

Xenosys Vex
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Xeno reviews more twitch unban request and appeals. Some people in Twitch chat are weird man…

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  1. 1:36 In my opinion it's only fair,when the other person and you has the exaxt same rules word to word.

  2. Actually, I have Misophonia, and one of your reactions with pyro you are eating and it definitely kept me from watching the full video. X.X

  3. Dude bans people for the dumbest reasons. Such a hypocrite that he calls Pyromancer out for needing to grow a thicker skin, but when people make comments that really aren't that bad, he instantly bans them and keeps them banned. He only unbans them when they suck his peen. That isn't thick skin; that is the very definition of having no skin at all

  4. i never shirk just drop stance. Works every timeI only shirk if ot does vokeWorks in Savage ultimate tooNot normal because normal content players are cursed

  5. bird, surprising, but i was more surprised at few unban requests happened

  6. Hi, can someone explain 100k/free sub thing? It's in a few of the first unban requests. Thank you.

  7. 9:10
    That shit almost killed me.
    choked on a grain of rice, laughing so hard.

  8. People really need to put in some thought before they try to backseat game Xeno, one of the best WARs in the game lmao.

  9. First?! edit: Ok I'm actually really curious about this guy going off on provoke/shirk. Who hurt this guy? LOL

  10. @3:34 mod him, vip him, gift him a sub :NODDERS: then ban him again…

  11. That bird at the end caught me off guard almost choked on my food lmao xD

  12. 1:22 LOL seems fair, honestly If they got that dog in em they'll bring it to the channel eventually
    9:08 HOLY FUCK LOL

  13. I always love the awkward pauses when Xeno reveals some weird ascii whenever he wants more context as to why people got banned XD

  14. Sht man, now you made me think it would be hilarious if Asmon/Mcconnel did a video like this, damn

  15. I actually almost died eating an apple because of that massive bird shlong at the end, wtf…xD

  16. Good video, but you need to ban more people so you can make more of these videos.

  17. man i love those unban request videos. I know its not good to say but please ban more people for the great content. Keep it up baldy

  18. wait, i recall that yuyuhakhus guy, yea, he's weird.

  19. :ratjam: Hold em down boys I'll get the wig :ratjam:

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