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Xeno Reacts To The Game Awards 2022 (FULL EVENT)

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The Game Awards 2022 Has been awesome. Here is Xeno’s full, uncut reaction (except for a few cases in order to avoid copyrighted material) to the entire Game Awards Event. Congrats to Elden Ring and Bill Clinton for winning Game of The Year! God of War fans in shambles xdd

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  1. I don't understand with people like you, you are a streamer yet you showing us your toxic behaviour if you doesn't like Genshin just watch it and then stated ur oppinion etc but that just plain rude walk away and say i don't care about this shit?

  2. xddTree play Elden Ring strummer xddTree Journey to the tree

  3. Kinda surprised to see xeno actually plays the AC series

  4. Really dont understand the people saying the Voice Acting during the Suicide Squad section was bad, it was great, especially with Kevins part as Batman, he sounded as good as ever, and that line specifically was a call back to his iconic line from the animated series

  5. Hewoo cute streamer, pwease stop destroying my speakers and ears. Fenk you. Kisses forehead

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