Xeno Reacts To New Game Trailers While Being Nostalgic About Old Games | State of Play - oramagamestudios.com

Xeno Reacts To New Game Trailers While Being Nostalgic About Old Games | State of Play

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In this video Xeno reacts to the latest PlayStation State of Play. Not too many new game trailers caught Xenos eye except the remake of an old game: Resident Evil 4. Also Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was featured for 15 minutes – a bit cringe if you ask me.

State of Play | February 23, 2023 | [ENGLISH]:

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  1. 1/3 of this fucking thing was the Suicide Squad thing ffs

  2. Deception IV is the latest game in the Trap series.

  3. Xeno loves turn-based games? He should definitely try Yakuza 7.

  4. I can see the "'woke"' elements in that Suicide Squad game.

  5. Man Suicide Squad look so dissapiinting. So lootershooter, so Fortnite esk

  6. Wait… Suicide Squad might be using black lantern rings…

  7. omg trapped yes
    the man eating music box shivers

  8. classic rpgs and turn based games are the best

  9. 30 minutes of this showcase was just Suicide Squad lol

  10. It's crazy how hard they're pushing Suicide Squad when it's obviousl live service battle pass trash that'll be dead in 4 weeks like the Avengers game.

  11. 16:36 flash really just dropped, "Okay boomer."
    Aight, that games a hard pass for me.

  12. Batman beyond was fucking awesome I'm still hoping for a game/anime for that. The new comic was pretty cool

  13. Still got most of my ps2 collection for Armored Core. Always nice to discover another Raven brother. Hope the new one hits PC on release like most modern Fromsoft.

  14. Kinda surreal seeing a game that I worked in appear right at the start of a Xeems vid

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