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Xeno Reacts to: “Former WoW Nerd’s First Impressions of Savage | FFXIV: Endwalker” by Lucron

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In this video Xeno reacts to Lucron’s (a former World of Warcraft veteran player) opinion regarding the Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Savage Raids. Lucron has beat P1S, P2S and is currently progging P3S.
Xeno gives his take, and compares Final Fantasy 14 raiding with WoW but also with other games he has previously played such as Rift and Tera.

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  1. I agree the loot system is garbage. If it's possible for one person to get lucky rolls and fully gear In a couple of weeks, then people who lost those rolls should have much faster gearing options. The fact that some people will take 16 weeks to get their weapon and chest because of lost rolls while other people can get them on week 1, is fucking ridiculous. It's not like that guy won the weapon and chest on week one is going pass on them for the next 15 weeks unless they're in a static environment.

  2. what's the deal with the loot lockout? why force everyone to not have done the fight? it feels like it force "statics" and could lead to toxic behavior if one player can't make it, or decided to help a friend or something, and seems completely unnecessary

  3. The thing I would change about the savage loots:
    There are 8 contributors, there are 4 items
    Why? Did half the raid sit on their thumbs and only deserve a pity prize?

  4. WoW is weird because most healers have multiple tools for DPS. However, if the DPS ability doesn't interact with your healing in some way, it's more of an extra-almost-irrelevant thing. That being said, most healers have to do some kind of DPS to gain something that helps them heal. One of them's main sustained healing is through DPS (Discipline Priest). I'm guessing it was the very loose inspiration for SGE. I still wish SGE had an "AoE Kardia" CD. That's the most satisfying button to press on Disc.

  5. What's their to differentiate? Most MMOs are similar to each other and that's not a bad thing. It just means you have experience
    But these folks opinions can be utterly cringe and weird a lot of the time

    But this ex wow player can make some good vids though! 👍

  6. Loot system is fine when they don't pull the crap where every member of your group needs 3+ twine. This tier however…

  7. Castlevania AND Etrian Odyssey music? I like this guy.

  8. I wish Lucron wouldve tried out Shadowbringers raids, they still hold up

  9. Is it just me or does anyone else think that you should be able to trade the raid clear books in for tomes? I know you can't make it to where you can get P4 stuff with P1 books, but P1 books become useless after you get all your accessories and P4 books become useless once you have your chest and weapon. So I feel like you should be able to trade them in for tomes to help get your tome gear a bit faster and make the tomes you get from trading books in NOT count towards your weekly tome cap, that way you can technically get more then 450 a week, also, if it counted towards the weekly tome cap, there would literally be no point other then reduce the amount of farming you have to do that week, which is whatever, since it takes almost no time to cap each week.

  10. Good react. Keep pushing for either more upgrade drops or less tomestone BIS. One twine drop a week when groups need 20+ total is brutal, even including the earned book exchange.

  11. One thing I think they should do with tome and raid gear is make it to where you can trade a piece of raid gear in for a piece of fully upgraded tome gear of the same armor type and slot. That way, raid gear you win from raids isn't useless if the raid piece isn't bis for you, you can just take that piece in and trade it for the tome piece, fully upgraded since if a raid piece isn't bis for a slot, the tome piece will be, also helps if you have a situation like now where a class/role (tanks this tier) needs almost every piece of tome gear and almost nothing from raid. Those raid pieces aren't useless for a tank and it doesn't take them forever to get bis since the tomes are capped each week and it will take you a while to get those pieces from tomes.

  12. I'd love a history video from you! I loved Larryzaur's history vids, and I think you'd have a different perspective.

  13. Honestly, if WoWs pre-raid prep and loot systems were better, it wouldn't be that bad. When comparing the two games, it really shows the bad state wow raids are in for some folks.

  14. "I don't play that game because I have self-respect" instant like

  15. Anyone else getting ads every 1-2 mins?? I'm 6 mins in!!!

    Edit: more ads at 7 mins!! Wtf!

    Edit: again at 9 mins… I'm done, love you xemes but this is fucking atrocious

  16. Man recognizes bloody tears is a banger, subbed – unsubbed so I can sub again

  17. You should react to Asmongolds reaction to these videos. Would be pretty meta.

  18. He already started wrong…I feel most new comers need to start from the first savage raid content then move onto current cause the mechanics and etc would groom them ALOT more better

  19. I don't play FF or WOW. I subscribed to watch this guy yell facts about the game and I love it. Maybe in the future I will decide to play but until then I have personal goals to fulfill in my other crappy MMOs. Much love from an outsider. P.S. I clicked the bell XD

  20. I did the whole tier through the party finder. 1 twine away from BiS. It hurt.

  21. Randomly hearing Castlevania Curse of Darkness OST always makes my day, bless

  22. Yeah, for sure need more upgrade drops, still grinding twines 2 months in lmao. I also think everyone in my static bought 2 twines too (thank god for week one p3s clear). On a different note, i hate how we have to wear one raid and one tome ring. I wish they made the rings not unique, or even just stat squish us down to 1 ring slot. My gripe in particular is the lack of choice, i dont want skill speed on my warrior tyvm!

  23. I'm personally just glad that there are so many more creators actually creating content for FFXIV, and Lucron is one of the good ones.

  24. In wow you can wisper other players during raid, so walk of shame = shittalk time in your private chatrooms with your raid buddies u are close with.

  25. Should at least bump up number of twines/coating that drop and reduce amount of tomes needed. By the time you can gear up all classes you wana play, next tier has arrived and there’s a new BIS

  26. I like xeno cuz he has a little guys head with a big guys beard

  27. thanks for reminding me of "the walk of shame" the very first tier of coils had this, before they added it to duty finder, you had to go from 1-5 and each new fight was basically a checkpoint, but some of them still had long winded running.

  28. I think trash and some scenery would be fine in normals and then just have the boss room in savage.

  29. The wipe at 9:30 was everyone except the PLD fault. The pair at 3 was WHM/PLD, where the WHM went mid and used Assize to hit all of them but then the PLD was only one targetting it after that. No target arrows showed of people swapping to it.

  30. That dude used Chrono Trigger music. Instant like.

    Oh. FFBE music too. Meh.

  31. Imma be honest, with xenosys whining about petty things regarding how the twines/oils/etc need to drop more despite how forgiving, anti-pvp, and stress-free the gearing system already is, no offense but it just makes xeno look like an entitled child. I have played virtually every single mmo outside of china/korea exclusives so i know how bad it is for them, compared to that ffxiv is a massive breath of fresh air. You have 2 YEARS to wait until the next major expansion so if the time it takes to gear up and grind mats is a problem for you, then just stop treating it like a game that you think you need to finish within a month, otherwise you'll just complain again when theres another content drought. By the time 6.5x (or later) comes out, some kind of quality of life update will be added to make things easier, this always happens.

    "If you're used to fantastic, suddenly it isn't so fantastic anymore". Sounds like something a spoiled child would say.

  32. In regards to the healer dps in WoW, an easy way to divide average from excellent healers is their dps parses, same for tanks. You're expected to heal enough/mitigate for tanks to avoid deaths, then past that pump all you can. You don't need to be out there trying to be a 1 man medic army, just enough heals to not die. Remember the faster the boss dies, the less damage they do, so it's like pre healing 😉

  33. Floor indications were there all along. Heavensward going forward. It's because you don't have addons and shit telling you what to do when to stop moving how far to move etc..

  34. @12:02 You mentioned about rez sickness nerfing stats at 50% and such. and you would get it if you was a boomer… God damit….. Been playing ffxiv since 1.0 briefly mainly since 2.0.

  35. Not too long ago, your spirit would be send to an outside graveyard from where you had to run back zu the raid, and if you were unlucky, part of the trash had already respawned. Seriously, FF14 are kinda spoiled XD

  36. Xeno thought about making a video talking about what devs could do to make savage drops better

  37. My static uses the Box strat for the divebomb buddies in P3S. It's easier since it's the same as Darkened Fire. 🙂

  38. I like the environment in WoW's raid with trash and what not. The first time. Running back to the boss after dying is stupid.

  39. The difference between WoW and FFXIV healing: The last time I played WoW was the start of SL and as a resto shaman I could easy purple parse healer dps by throwing out flame shock and lightening bolt semi regularly. Trying out savage for the first time this tier… I feel like Im always dpsing and I'm getting shitastic grey parses.

  40. 13:47 THANK GOD someone agrees the loot system sucks ass, I feel like no one talks about it and it's been in the game FOR SO LONG.


  41. I was telling a friend the other day how we had to kill trash before the boss during coil and he was like WHAT

  42. 7:40 "What is tank 1 doing"
    Yeah, Billy never truly understood when we told him to work on his 'rotation'

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