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Xeno Reacts To Final Fantasy 16 Ending Cutscene

Xenosys Vex
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Xeno Reacts to the Ending of Final Fantasy XVI and comes up with a theory of what actually happened. Xeno’s ending is a happy ending!

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  1. I'd like to think that at the end ultimately wasn't talking shit, just that his tone had always been like that

  2. Anyone has the names of the musics ? Really want to listen to them but i can't find

  3. When the lyrics started during the beach scene, i was like "Motherfucker…" at soken as he critically hit me in the feels

  4. I think that Joshua lived, Clive gave his life and was the shield to his brother he always tried to be. He destroyed all magic. Many, many years later, Joshua's book seems like a fairy tale because magic no longer exists.

  5. i like happy endings.. i got frustrated with this ending.. its so sad!! my ending would be Clive getting married with Jill in that white daisy garden overlooking view.. Rosaria restored under the rule of Joshua… Dion is ruling too. Clive with Jill continues the legacy of Cid… will there be a better ending when finishing new game plus?

  6. Not having finished the game yet. Final Fantasy doesn't really do the "bring everyone back from the dead endings" as others have said based on just this video alone. I think both Joshua and Clive are dead as they both sacrifice for the better (and if the mothercrystals are the source of magic) thats why the mother says its all fairy tales. Maybe the Eikons refused to pick any Dominants after Clive and Joshus death

  7. I mean, Clive could've just healed Joshua's wounds so his last memories with him was not seeing his baby brother all bloodied and dead. He just healed him before he ended everything. Either way, game is fantastic story-wise, imo. Great seeing your reaction Xeno 🙂

  8. what ever ending you think, the only question is HOW THE FUCK THAT CERTAIN GAME JOURNALIST GAVE THIS GAME A 6/10??!!??!!

  9. Man i got so pissed at the end. I wanted Clive and Jill to have a happy ending at the very least. He never should have promised her he was coming back. I too am a sucker for happy endings.

  10. I feel like there's enough ambiguity to this ending that it could really go either way (dead vs alive) but I much prefer the interpretation that Clive lives simply because I don't like the thought of Jill being alone, specifically after that one side-quest with Clive in the field of snow daisies. Aside from that, I, too, am a sucker for happy endings lol

  11. Joshua lived and wrote the book
    Clive destroy magic/plague and died
    Hundred years are passed
    And is all a final fantasy in a new world.

  12. I believe that Clive erased the magic out of the world because he believed people would be just fine without magic and magic or aether only brings destruction to the world.
    Gav recorded all these and hidden the history in Tales book.

  13. I'm guessing, if they continue the next game with FF16 lore, the setting might be magitek?

  14. All my friends either don’t have a ps5 or are not fans of final fantasy so the ending depression is real by not being able to talk about the ending. Just wanted to see Clive and Jill together at the end honestly as I did not care nearly as much about the other characters. The ambiguity is the worst part lol

  15. Where do we go from here ? XVI 2 or straight to XVII?

  16. For me Clive is Dead, he used all his strenght to ressurect Joshua and destroy the crystal at the end. Joshua wrote the book.
    in the Active Time Lore text it says that Metia is messenger of wishes to the moon and heavens. Metia granted Jill's wish once when they were sleeping in Lady Hanna's barn and had a talk if they remember moongazing when they were kids/teens. Jill said that Metia granted her prayers , returned Clive to her, and the heavens must have a plan for them both – the star IS THERE and SHINING beside the moon.

    Now in the ending, the star FADES meaning it can no longer bring message(wishes) to the moon and it meant it can no longer grant Jill's wish because the plan of the heavens are fulfilled. With Clive destroying all mothercrystals. This is why she cried.

  17. Anyone who thinks Clive is alive is coping. Simple as.

  18. Nahhhhhh I'm trusting Torgal and the red star dying symbolism. I think they're dead. As for the book… I do think Joshua wrote it. Like, as a fantasy story for kids, only taking vague concepts like who's a good and a bad guy. Perhaps during those 5 years where they were AFK. If someone else wrote it, why just write Joshua? Gav going "Oi, who do we say it's from tho?" and they go "Just Joshua, yeah."

    Yo imagine this though: They release that book as a collector's item, and it's an actual book with the story so we can confirm who wrote it based on the subjects, if there's Ultima in it, for instance. Cause I do think that if Joshua was writing it along the way, we'd have seen SOMETHING at some point, just a weird scene at the time, of him writing something on the last page of a book, and then that paying off hard at the end.

  19. To read all the comments that say "Clive ledgit survive all of this and that the petrification ends on his hand, because… [insert bla bla bla]".
    We in germany would say: "Ich mach mir die Welt, wie sie mir gefällt."

  20. Everyone lives happily ever after in Xenos version 😂 even Dion who for sureeeee got smoked by Ultima lmao

  21. Phoenix’s power couldn’t revive a dead person, it can only heal someone. So Clive passed away in my opinion, and since all crystals are now gone, and Clive used his last shot to burn everything into ashes, so magic, crystals stuffs no longer exist and became a fairy tale written in a book for the human in the future. That’s my understanding, it’s sad, and Clive became one of my favourite character in gaming😭😭

  22. I saw this ending last night it made me ugly cry so much.

  23. Clive didn't die. In the side quests he mentioned that he will start writing after putting down his sword. Also, it's mentioned that the phoenix power can only heal superficial wounds once you're dead dead, that's what he did to Joshua at the end. Also, he is the only one that knows the story from beginning to end, not joshua. So the author of the book is most probably Clive but he used his brother name to honour him. Just like how he used Cid's name to honour Cid.

    Update: Only Clive coined the term "Final Fantasy" when he fought with Ultima

  24. Remember what Jill said:

    “That no matter how terrible the night… dawn would always come.”

  25. So sad short term ending, but a happy long term ending

  26. They made it open for us to choose, I will say Clive alive.

  27. The ending is (for me)… Clive destroys the nexus that enables the use of magic, Eikons, dominants… so at the beach when he tries to use magic it’s not working. It vanishes, and then he turns to stone. This fulfills Cid’s dream about a world without that power, so there will be no bearers, or war, meaning everyone can live and die on their own terms. Clive died on his own terms at the beach, making use of magic for the last time to heal Joshua. Using that much power to destroy the nexus made Clive a simple mortal, so he turns to stone.

    Then Joshua writes the book called Final Fantasy, Tomes ask Clive that after his journey is over he starts writing, but it seems Joshua just immortalized his brother story by that book. So that’s why the children and mother at the end think the book is actually a fairy tale, men had to learn to live a life without using magic because it was destroyed by Clive. Also I think Metia was something Ultima wanted to use to destroy the planet (red dot at the side of the moon maybe a Meteor spell), but since there was not magic, it turns off, that’s why Jill knew Clive was gone.

  28. I personally believed the ending where alle 3 dominants died in that fight with Ultima but I still like your interpretation xD way to give me a bug smile after watching that ending

  29. Walks over to Joshua's body Noooo… PHOENIX DOWN 😏 😂

  30. SO MANY FEELS😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  31. 80% sure Clive is dead, but they left it ambiguous enough in case they want to work with Clive’s character more in the future.

    If you asked the devs right now, lie detector strapped to their arm, they’ed tell you Clive is dead. So is Joshua. Joshua chronicled his life while traveling. Jill and company (or Jote and the undying) probably just put it all together and published it.

    Clive says his body cannot handle ultimas power, he yeets the crystal, collapses and can barely talk while his fingers turn to stone. Metia goes out because up until now, Metia HAS been granting Jill’s wish and keeping Clive safe. It can’t anymore, so it goes out.

    Jill and Torgal weep over the edge of the railing and Gav speaks in the past tense, further implying Clive is dead. Torgal howls and in most media, that signifies loss and mourning. Jill is not smiling at the sunrise, she’s steeling herself and showing resolve because Clive sacrificed himself to give her that sunrise.

    It’s pretty cut and dry. It sucks to end on such a tragic note after all the misery in their character arcs already, but that’s what happened. People are really inhaling copium to say he’s still alive and interestingly enough that gives Yoshi and the CBU3 team a foot in the door should they choose to come back to Clive in a sequel.

  32. one thing the comments make u realize – do all side quest my dudes, don't neglect them, otherwise you will never understand all the hints at the end!! man this was such well told story – beautiful but bittersweet at the same time

  33. The best ending in video game history.
    I never cried in a video game, but this time I couldn’t hold my tears.
    Thank you Square Enix.

  34. I don't think anyone can use magic anymore. As they destroyed mothercrystal throughout the game, the crystals that common people used for everyday tasks stopped working, symbolizing magic dying as the crystals, which fuel magic, were destroyed. When Clive destroyed the last mothercrystal (origin,) this destroyed all magic. That's why his last attempt to use it on the beach fizzled

  35. He basically pulled a Jesus in the end guys. Died for all, the dream, the world, where you live and die on your own terms.

  36. I just beat it, sooo sad that ending I loved this game

  37. Do all the sidequests. That explicitly spells it out to you that clive survived….just with one less arm. Him healing joshua even though he was already dead was him keeping his promise to tarja that joshua come back with no wounds, even if dead. The pheonix can't bring back the dead…only heal surface wounds. Joshua was dead for a long while….clive just wanted to keep his promise an heal the hole in joshuas chest. The last few side quests explicitly spell out what clive is gonna do with jill once this is over. They literally wanna leave to a new continent and start a life together. Clive most definently wrote the book in the ending under joshuas name as only he knows the full story of the whole game, no one else. With hypocrates quill that is given to you in one of the last sidequests.

    They did do the ending in a way that it can be interpreted both ways though depending on if you did the sidequests or not.

  38. i think clive just loose the hand because all magic disapear so he didn't fully transform into stone, joshua is dead i think and clive used is name for the book

  39. I love the whole ‘where on journey ends…’ makes way for the next ff game (whenever that is) chills

  40. I really dislike that ending… the game was absolutely perfect 11/10 until that ending. I love the characters in this game so much, especially Jill and Torgal and seeing them sad at the end really left me emotionally devastated.
    Seriously, I´ve been depressed all week long because of this… why not give me a fucking happy ending after dedicating 65 hours of my heart and soul to this story and characters? It´s honestly the only part of this game that I really didn´t like.
    This is definetely one of my favourite games ever, but unfortunately one that I probably won´t be playing again for a long time… I was sure I´d play it again on NG+ and FF difficulty but after this ending, IF I do it will be in the future after I can come to terms with what happened, because right now I´m emotionaly destroyed.

  41. Nice video.

    I think Clive is alive, he narrates the game including at the end just before the credits roll – he can't narrate the story in past tense if he is dead. (Unless they do some weird time travel thing in a future DLC a la Endwalker).

    Joshua's fate is a lot more ambiguous. It is more likely he is dead for real but given Clive had Phoenix and Ultima's powers at that point and given Joshua's spirit could still have been in tact through the Phoenix abilities that Clive had during the final boss fight, there is a chance he may have made it also.

    Few issues with the logic of the story though:

    1. Why didn't Joshua just release Ultima out of his body if he knew what was about to happen, or why wasn't this discussed sooner? From the moment he contained Ultima it was a matter of when something tragic would happen rather than if. The group could have tried to do something about it beforehand rather than let it get to the point where Ultima was forcibly removed from Joshua and causing a mortal wound.

    2. Ultima raised the Origin into the middle of the air. Why didn't Clive use Ultima's abilities to lower Origin back to Valisthea's surface before destroying the Mothercrystal? Without magic abilities after the odds of either brother surviving were slim, having fallen all the way to Valisthea's surface and with all the rocks/crystals falling down also. Not once did Dion/Joshua/Clive think when planning this how were they getting back.

    3. Why didn't Clive make sure that Joshua was alive after 'resurrecting' him. A few places, even the Wikipedia plot description say that Joshua was resurrected but we never saw Joshua wake up. Even if Joshua did wake up he wouldn't have his abilities and would be stuck on a soon-to-be destroyed Origin in the middle of the sky.

    I think Joshua is likely dead, and his character arc was complete at that stage also (besides maybe a potential romance with Jote). But I wouldn't say that for certain.

  42. Also remember. If enough people believe it, it will become truth. I believe Clive lived.

  43. The Joshua monologue about how he was happy to have Clive as his shield and big brother absolutely ruined me.

  44. Fk square Enix, they fked us again with a shit ending , as if ff15 ending wasn’t shit enough, every one died

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