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Xeno Reacts To E4S.exe And More Final Fantasy 14 Memes

Xenosys Vex
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Xeno reacts to more Final Fantasy 14 memes and funny videos. Also Ayaya!

Beautiful Thancred & Lyse icons:

e4s.exe Original Video:
DripBringers Original Video:
DSR Tank vs DPS experience Original Video:
Ayaya! Ayaya! Intensifies Original Video:

Romance Sengen Cover:
We Like to Party Cover:

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  1. I watch a lot of the bods because I miss Normal streams due to my work schedule. I am a new fan BTW. I am curious as to who he is poking fun of with the pink cat ears?

  2. I love that chats wants me banned. I may be cringe, but I am free.

  3. lmao, i'm one of the sam during 6.1 turned ninja afterwards….without kaiten, things feel so different for me 🙁

  4. Vod channel which means i can finally watch a xemo stream

  5. Dragonsong_reprise.exe was fucking phenomenal.

  6. Vod channel litt! Thanks! There was this one time a did a E4S raid and rage quit a party only to find Tank was Xemo. I wished that VOD was still around 😂

  7. I love the plug of the vod channel and how chat is insta spamminh STOP CEASE while Xemo is uwu speakinhg, peak plug vod channel


  9. nice, a VOD channel. Finally!

    so whens the onlyfans xeems Madge

  10. jokes aside glad for the vog channel i work night shifts so i dont get to catch the streams often

  11. E4S is the best savage fight in shadowbringers and nothing came close.

  12. Square Enix searching for the 3rd party wig on the VOD channel🧐

  13. Bald man opens VOD channel, makes sad not freedom citizen happy. Thanks Xeems! insant sub!

  14. Thank you a lot for the vod channel. EU friends rejoice

  15. Opening up this vod with that titan reaction was enough for a like.

  16. " idk where this is from, it just makes me happy" is the most widepeepo thing i heard today

  17. VOD channel for ME??? Xemo you shouldn’t have uwu

  18. 3:06 after you said that, you should have tapped the top of your head with your knuckles, close one eye and stick out your tongue. Then giggle. Guaranteed cringe level rockets to stratosphere

  19. As someone who watched Kiniro Mosaic when it first came out and who only watches twitch once in a blue moon, it really made me feel like a boomer seeing ayaya being spammed as a twitch emote.

  20. Di-did xeno just squeeze a vod ad in this and said it in uwu? Concern STOP!!!! SEIZE!!!

  21. @Xenosys Vex the meme from the guy in the bottom is rafis from osu! love your vids

  22. I did e4s with a bunch of friends unsync cause someone wanted the mount. Even unsynced it was a blast learning some of the mechanics and watching people get run over. We phase skipped a few things but it did make me pretty hype to do more savages (and here I am now having cleared the current tier). My only regret is we didn't run it enough times for everyone to get mount.

  23. E4s was such a blast, I much prefer Eden to Pandamonium so far in design

  24. I love ShB tiers like the first tier was awesome

    EW tiers……..I only like P1 and P4
    The P2 is decent P3 is just absolute garbage with Orange arena and orange marker and orange mechanic.

  25. Dont mind me, just here to say thank you for the vod channel

  26. I really do appreciate you making a VOD channel Xeno, as someone who really don't have much time to watch Twitch as of late and stream times being a bit rough for me, this really helps me out a ton since i really enjoy your content and streams. Big up friend.

    Also E4s is such a bop of a fight. One of the most enjoyable fights in the entire game for sure. In fact, the majority of Eden was great. Except E5s, i genuienly disliked having to deal with the thunder bird. 😂

  27. I've been playing ffxiv just over 6 mo and I agree. The memes for this game are the worst

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