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Xeno Reacts To Daily Dose Of Internet and Game Awards Memes

Xenosys Vex
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Xeno reacts to a couple Daily Dose of Internet videos and The Game Awards 2022 in a nutshell by Dolan Darker. Also some Bill Clinton in Elden Ring memes.

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  1. 1st clip is what using 100% of the human brain looks like.

  2. Wtf Elden Ring didnt deserve it? God of War didnt deserve it :p

  3. i don't agree on elden ring being slow and no ffxiv isn't slow either

  4. i actually agree with that there at the end where elden ring combat is a bit slow and measured which you could say about ffxiv too if you wanted but they only see ffxiv as too slow

  5. ffxiv is slow ? play an ultimate and savage fight lets see you clear it first pull to whoever random person said its "slow"

  6. big diff between elden ring and ff xiv in elden ring you consantly move dodge and attack. in ff assumeing not high end content you just attack. wait attack maybe weave a thing, attack wait…..this coming from someone who does ultimate lol

  7. we need someone to play music like they did in the game awards when someone gave a speech once xeems starts ranting maybe then he'll stop xffing GoodTake

  8. Anyone know what the emote of the xdd'ing peepo is called?

  9. It hurts my soul when Baldo trashes souls because slow games. He doesn't like them but his main game is FFXIV tanking? Damn you, tutorial bosses! Damn you for making baldo quit the games!!! xffing

  10. You know the firefighter that walked back into the building in the first clip was laughing his ass off 😂

  11. Strange, but after Xeno pointed out that FFIV feels slow compared to ER I actually cant help but agree. Not that one is better, they are just fundamentally different. While in ER you are always on your gard looking for the perfect opportunity to strike and get out, in FFIV I feel more like well oiled machine, doing rotation again and again. Like tennis is different from playing piano i guess.

    Bot thats just how i feel, different people might have different experience

  12. If you're going to criticize the gameplay of Elden Ring for being slow by taking as an example literally the very first enemy you meet in the game (outside the tutorial), do the same for FFXIV when you face a lvl 1 marmot with a single attack in your action bar. It would seem more fair to me.

  13. Woah what is that calculator above twitch chat on every video? kekw

  14. He's reacting send the links!!! WIDEDINKDONK

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