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Xeno meets Yoshi

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  1. Gear lockout is the main reason I can't ever dedicate coming back to the game. While I don't necessarily want a full-blown korean MMO where I have to play multiple characters/classes, even just gearing your main job in FFXIV can be a massive pain, especially as a returning/new player. Lockouts have to go or drastically change, but who am I kidding, they never have

  2. The squeaky mic arm destroys me. The day he WD-40's that thing is the day I unsub.

  3. Yea… 6.2 was freakin August 2022 and rn its still locked out is insane, like why what's the reasons, 1-2 months lockouts seem fair but freaking half a year is too much

  4. Funny enough yoshi p mention "people really play multiple jobs" and using that to say relic will be easier for multiple job while gearing multiple jobs still ass

  5. Heard you talking about this stuff on MogTalk, and Sindalfs push back was so cringe. Savage raiders have been getting 630 gear since August, who literally gives a fuck casuals could also get it 6 months later?

  6. I don't don't understand why they can't make alliance gear 630, it is so late in the patch cycle and the last tomestones are still locked to 450/week ! It is like they don't want people to gear up

  7. Xeems is right, the gears should be even more easier to get, we already have almost 15 jobs to gear AND remember even with full gear we need to do mechanics.

  8. I came back in late december and only killed p8s a few weeks ago in party finder, it feels like shit not being able to jump into top because i wasn't lucky enough to get the weapon and chest yet. Yeah i can technically jump into most parties doing it because 630 weapon and tome chest push you above 629 ilevel most parties have as requirement, but i don't really feel like being blamed for not meeting tight dps checks because i'm not bis yet. It's honestly absurd that it takes 8 fucking books to get a chest or a weapon, like wtf is that? 4 fucking months to get bis for a single job? Are they fucking insane?

  9. Gearing is such a pain, they need to make tomes like 750/week and like a 3000 cap while they are at it. Savage needs to be unlocked the following patch, hell even ultimates are unlocked one patch after. 24 man with savage ilvl gear would help and it drops items for tome gear upgrades. It would make gearing not grind to a halt.

  10. if they cut down book costs to half it would be a god send honestly… like i just bought a weapon with books after 2 months man… thats ridiculous time frame CONSIDERING the fact you can get super lucky and roll 99s on all chests at some point i mean fuck thats how i got my chestpiece coffer and my pld weapon :p

  11. I still fail to see how this would make the game any better to anyone other than people who raid 24/7.

  12. It's fucking wild to me that XIV tries so hard to market itself as the casual friendly MMO yet puts gear on a pedestal unlike any other MMO. Just give more routes to max ilvl gear SE, it doesn't fucking matter. You implemented the heavily RNG (yet pretty fun) expert crafting system and then proceeded to put NOTHING IMPORTANT BEHIND IT. Just let people craft max ilvl gear in odd patches you cowards.

  13. Playerbase: We need better gear that is alternative to raids!
    SQE: Introduces weapons where the main stat are SkS, Tenacity and Piety

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