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Xeno Learns The Truth about the Garlean Empire | Xeno Reacts to FFXIV Endwalker MSQ

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In this video Twitch chat helps Xeno learn more about the Garlean Empire and Zenos/Varis. This is part of the level 82 quest “At the End of the Trail”. Xeno gives his first, blind reaction to the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker story (MSQ) cutscene.

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  1. To be fair, it wasn't just propaganda that made the Garleans mistrust us. Considering that it is not THAT long ago that Hyur Barbarians, magic-users, tried to murder them all for no other reason except that they could not use magic, this has been not even 100 years ago, these are things that these adults were probably taught by their parents who personally had to endure the cruelty of the magic users.

  2. Wait how is Xeno just now doing MSQ?

  3. Crazy how hes doing savage and Ex and hes not even done Endwalkers yet

  4. I bet Garlean's came from another planet. Which is why they can't manipulate aether.

  5. there's an ongoing train leitmotif in the entire garlean area.

    – derailed train in the main garlemald area
    – a subway station/trains being used as a shelter
    – the daytime bgm and propaganda radio bgm having train motifs
    – tower of babil starting off in a train

    I reckon you can draw parallels from this to the daily life of civilian garleans getting derailed because of the tracks it ran on (i.e. imperial propaganda) being rotten and unstable.

  6. Sad thing about it people been talking down on us like that all through out EW i was wanting to end ever last person throwing shade at my name/title. Arrives in Sharlayan :Register who might you be
    Me: champion of Eorzea the what else
    Register: self proclaimed title I see 😥

  7. Is there a way that I can watch full vods of Xeno's MSQ playthrough? I missed it on stream and I was wondering if the vods are still available.

  8. the previous expansions dont do a lot to make the garleans feel believable. As in there is a distinct lack of anyone can do wrong on the Eorzean side. There are a few moments but you have to believe and know that they are as cut-throat. What pirate or money launderer wouldnt?

  9. Watching Xeno react to MSQ has been a fun experience ngl. The raid and other content is top tier and now MSQ reaction too. With what this Garlemald arc brought to the table, I would have loved a much more in-depth experience. A full expansion on Garlemald would not have been a bad call imo

  10. Garlamald was my fav part of the expac honesty

  11. They're still basically Nazis. I really don't get how they expect people to feel sorry for them after we just met their escaped slaves in a cave.

  12. man, i really liked the garlean ''arc''. The metro station had a special vibe to it, especially at the beginning when the radio plays.

  13. nationalism is based – long live the empire no matter how small it may be now – better than gayorzea

  14. XEEMS MSQ REACTION highlights!!!! let's goooooooo!!!!!!!!! 🔔

  15. Yup it was a transistor radio the whole time.

  16. This part was my favorite in EW. Too bad the ending kinda sucked.

  17. this arc hits so differently after the war in Ukraine.

  18. god I fuckin hate the chatters spamming kkona

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