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Xeno finally reacts

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  1. Someone should react to my Eden raid video – Happy, fun times as a sage. Healer carries, healer raises everyone else at least once, healer LB3s, healer tanks, healer eats tank buster (and survives).

  2. that mic stand needs a helluva lot of WD40 lmao

  3. The censor sound being his mic stand squeak is genius.

  4. If Xeno ever gets a PO Box, the first time he opens stuff sent to him I'm willing to bet he'll receive enough WD-40 for that mic stand he will need to resell it. 😂


  5. twitch chat is the most boring/brain dead part of any stream, actual man-child with a keyboard

  6. Leo I love that you use the mic squeak as a censor please please keep using it. It makes the videos sooo much more funnier

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