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Xeno enters the Bald Club

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  1. Xemo finally found his people, so happy for strummer.

  2. Im so glad xeno finally got the representation he needed

  3. can see Xeems doing the bald salute and using the squeaky mic stand for the sound effect.

  4. Excellent secret club, m'lord

  5. Somebody should make a metal cover of this song for Xeems.

  6. I've seen two bald streamers react to this scene, and both times there's been nothing but glee on their faces. Absolutely delightful content

  7. Strummer finally found his home

    We did it yeyy😂🎉🎉😂

  8. When you think you were the last of your species but you discover a bald sanctuary

  9. Waiting on Asmongold to play this game and get to this part 😂😂😂

  10. Now give people in ff 14 that bald emote as well (the greet and the head swipe)

  11. Nobody mentions rude looks like andrew tate?

  12. Now Xeno and all baldies have a national anthem thanks to President of Baldistan, Rude.

    Now Xeno gonna call us haired people mopheads for days!

  13. Baldo bar 🤣 next time Xeno beats a boss he better be burning it with that no scalp no serve line

  14. He immediately regonized what was going on lmao

  15. 1:18 I have ever heard my lord laugh this before, thank you my liege

  16. Rude is indeed the best character. He feels so human and relatable.

    I did wanted to see bald Cloud though

  17. Now me and my homies gotta ask barber to be bald and bald-bump with each other

  18. This… This Changes Everything We Know About The Bald Clan.

  19. This is how to make people feel represented lol

  20. First time that there's actually no xffing 😂

  21. This is amazing, write this down in the history books! 😂👏

  22. Rude and Agent 47 legitimately have me wanting to go bald.

  23. xeno playing this just made this scene 10x better

  24. As a fellow smooth scalped man, I felt so seen by this… er, scene.

  25. This scene unironically turned Rude into the best side character in the game lol

  26. And there are people out there that swear these games are awful!
    This was amazing
    Tiny pieces of hilarious or emotional worldbuilding that give us a deeper peak into the mere tip of the iceberg that was 1997

  27. Such a crazy mind blowing moment in gaming 😅🤣🤣

  28. When I hit this part of the game my first thought was "I bet Xeems is gonna love this" lol


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