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Xeno Clears Dragonsong’s Reprise Ultimate Phase 1 | FFXIV DSR Ultimate Prog (WAR PoV)

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Dragonsong’s Reprise (Ultimate), also known as Dragonsong Ultimate or Thordan Ultimate is the latest released Ultimate Raid in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Patch 6.11. This is Xeno’s very first clear of the First Phase of the Ultimate Raid.

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  1. …God damn, they even made HaucherGod block the energy spear….

    …bravo Yoshi-P, bravo FF XIV.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS (ultimates were harder in 2019 and pre-2019) on the Dragonsong's Reprise Ultimate (it's not that difficult)(also known as the first ultimate with a checkpoint) CLEAR. I know you've been working really hard (2019 and previous years' ultimates were harder due to having no checkpoint) at it, and I'm happy that you've (2017, 2018, and 2019 ultimates were harder because they had no checkpoint) achieved your goal of completion.

  3. It's funny watching hauchernoob getting rekt again, what a shit tank

  4. So ive been watching you stream this prog and i gotta say this ultimate is just unmercifully brutal. Good luck.

  5. ha at 3:45 it looks like a tank cleve to me. point blind shot which fills his whole it box which hit Xeno. i wonder if he can move out to avoid it. and then there is a line TB behind the boss that killed off everyone that is not a tank. maybe that is meant for the O.T and he is supposed to aim that away from the party, but maybe not aim it at the M.T either, but then that might of kill Xeno. that is what I think is going on with this mech what do you guys think?

  6. king thorden does that purple sword attack right after that i don't get how you guys supposed to deal with all that?

  7. Cmon Xeems , It's a heavensward boss. You know they would throw in a Faust for ya 😉

  8. why people complaining about the checkpoint when we havent seen the whole fight… like you literally cannot have a good opinion either way until the whole fight is seen

  9. Did xeno react to the gun breaker patch and stuffs?

  10. Chat was MALDING about the checkpoint 😂

  11. The problem will occour if the fights has multiple checkpoints as that defeats the whole purpose of an ultimate where consistency to be able to progress is key. If its just a faust scenario than no big deal, but do you imagine not having to clear LL or BJ+CC on every pull? Think about just huw much quicker prog would have been for TEA or any ultimate 😂

  12. I don't think giving a checkpoint is ultimate worthy… Don't give people handicaps make it take weeks to learn not a day lol …if ppl wanna raid and not pug anything make them suffer

  13. Where are all the checkpoint malders now? KEKW

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