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WiscoBots VEX U Spin Up Post Worlds Reveal

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Team WiscoBots is proud to present its 2023 VEX U Post Worlds Reveal.

Team WiscoBots competed in the Research division at VEX U Worlds in Dallas, Texas this past April. They went 9-0 in qualification matches and ranked 6th in the division. They went on to go undefeated (7-0) in elimination matches to become the first team ever to win back-to-back world championships!

Robot Specs
Drive: 8 Motor, 500 RPM Drive
Intake/Roller: 2 Motors
Sled: 2 Motor, 25 RPM with 1 Motor Variable Tensioning
Peacock (Dubbed “The WISCO Wall”): Pneumatic Release, 36″ Height
Expansion: 96 Feet of Tape Measures, Pneumatic Release
Pneumatic Actuated Front Intake and Wedges
Both 15 and 18 Inch Robots are Identical

Season Summary
Overall Season Record: 32-7
Purdue Comp Tournament Finalists & Excellence Award
VEX U Worlds 2nd Place Skills, Amaze Award & World Champions

We would like to thank everyone that made Spin Up a season to remember. We will see you all in Over Under!

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  1. the definition of light work no reaction.

  2. Can’t wait to see what y’all will do for over under!

  3. Wisco on top!! Congrats on the back to back win! Love the tape measure expansion lol.

  4. Is the measuring tape legal under VUR6 as a torsion spring, or something else?

  5. and then there was that 5 gallon air can robot…

  6. Can you do an explanation on the tape measure expansion

  7. How is WI this cracked at FTC, FRC. AND VRC?

  8. can I ask what the spring was for at the back?

  9. ngl WISCO came out of nowhere last year and is sweeping vex u now. 8 wins in a row possible?

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