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League of Legends Wild Rift Vex Mid Lane Gameplay New Champion.

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Played on iPhone 13 Pro Max
Edited on Adobe Premiere pro.

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  1. basically an Akali E on steroids with a reset

  2. Feels like spirit breaker from dota 2 charging to you😁

  3. vex main here, its best to start with E/3rd skill as you can still fear, and apply passive, and proc passive with basics attack, better trade

  4. 4:30 you clear minion creeps on mid instead of going back to base to regenerate so you could help your team with the dragon. Misplayed

  5. I hope they don’t nerf her to the ground but I hope she becomes a little more fair, I think her ult should have a limit or at least nerf her burst damage

  6. She has ONE dash and yall calling her Op comparing her to Akali.
    Akali the same champ that has 3 dashes (2 of them not champ locked), invisibilty and s1 spam.
    On paper Akali Is still harder to deal with ,you Just dont know how to fight against Vex.

  7. the way she walks is so cute somehow :3

  8. Another broken champ that will get auto banned in ranked for a few weeks and then get nerfed once enough people buy the champ and riot makes their profit. Anyway, nice gameplay.

  9. idk if u see but go in settings – general- skill cast and there will be idk if i remember better something about skill pathing or something like that , when y cast a longe range skill, the camera will get higher for y to see what it will hit, i saw at yr ult that its not doing anyhing , and i tried myself and it grants huge vision if yr paying atention

  10. What server you playing on because the comments are filipino

  11. This is not Vex, this is Lulu emo version🥴

  12. Other vex think he is main character 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Napak frustrating ng teammates mo haha, great gameplay.

  14. actually she was a balance one,unlike other champs that op when released,she just like other mages on game now,the thing is alot of people still dont know how to counter or dint know her yet,for me shes not op yet,she still need buff especially on early.

  15. Opa fml ,eu queria saber se alguém saberia me ajudar ,estou sofrendo não sei se posso chamar de bug ,mas está acontecendo com muitas pessoas ,que é quando vai começar uma partida no wr,quando tá no carregamento de campeões,para realmente entrar na partida ,quando chega em uma determinada % o jogo simplesmente fecha sozinho ,e eu não consigo entrar na partida e ainda levo ban 🙁

  16. I Play mobile legends and got banned because i used a script to increase camera hight, because default camera is stupidly low , they never listen to players feedback they'll never increase their stupid camera hight , so i decided to delete the game and try league of legends instead
    I see you've a very high camera hight, are you using a script or this is default camera hight in game ????

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