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League of Legends Wild Rift VEX FULL GAMEPLAY (CHALLENGER YONE) COMBOS + BUILD EXPLAINED. Playing Vex for the first time as a Challenger Player, overloaded with too much to think about lmao. Talking about the best combos and potentially builds on vex. Vex Gameplay on the chinese test server (normal game).

0:00 Intro
1:20 Vex Gameplay

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  1. Vex Gameplay Hype??! Whats your opinion on the new champion Vex, do you think she will be broken? Btw i tried Vex Jungle, her clear is not playable, i guess she will be mid/apc only 😇

  2. This game sucks dick you cant climb ranks because all you get is trolls in the lobby

  3. Finally some more counters to perma-dash champs like Riven and Irelia.

  4. Finally I can counter Kassadin rift walk again

  5. she counters half of the meta cause half of the meta is dominated by dashy champions💀💀💀

  6. I just want global version of the game first lmao

  7. Why not engage with your ultimate instead of landing your E first?
    Ult dash in + W for fear to burst squishies

  8. That’s cool he has his picture as his icon badge?

  9. Literally out of the four new champions my favorites are being released last. Still, we are getting closer, soon the wait will be over.

  10. I would say 3rd ability is the best to engage since it less predictable than the first ability

  11. 8:40 is such a good skill dodge. Even when the Lux is my teammate I still try to not get hit hahah.

  12. Omg -_- just what we needed.. another lame ass "imp" champion 🤦🏻‍♂️

    It's impossible to get excited now 😭

  13. what server is that i want to try new champs

  14. Адильмурат Нагашпеков says:

    I guess after maxing u have a choice – max w or e. If u want to play as poking mage , max E. If u want to play more aggressively by engaging through ultimate, max W . Or if there many divers and assassins , also max W

  15. i think vex can be support too because of her gloom passive

  16. So when is this champ and warwick coming to the game?

  17. i didn't see any Vex champion on wild rift!! nothing was added new champion!

  18. For lvl 2 I would actually always go q except my enemy laner wants to all in lvl 2 like irelia. Not even if the enemy jng is nunu and gank, because you can just q nunu and he is feared. The e q combo is just way better than e w, because you have to get closer for the w wich isn't a good decision against a lot of champions.

  19. in love with the one who plays vex haha, good Gameplay

  20. Well i think maxing E second is better, and use W mostly for defense

  21. Her ult seems REALLY weak, it doesn't do very a very good job at executing low HP enemies even with the orb. But she seems fun.

  22. But vex isn't out yet? Wtf? How. (Aaah you're playing Asian wild rift got it).

  23. Chinese server has custom profile pictures damn

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