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Why Zepla Stopped Playing Final Fantasy XIV | Xeno Reacts

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Xeno reacts to Zepla’s video about why she stopped playing Final Fantasy 14. Did Omega Ultimate make Zepla quit the game for a while or was there more than that? Also someone get that book of grudges for Xeno to react to. xdd

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  1. Who cares. I've played FFXIV for 8 years. I can't count the amount of people I've seen quit the game. Zeplas just one of many

  2. So DSR was a 10 inch cornstar she messed around with for a month and expert roulette is the nice guy you meet at the grocery story that's average sized

  3. She failed at TOP then got a Genshin sponsor, aint that deep

  4. Why is Zepla looking like ugly girl since she is gorgeous as fuck?

  5. As some one who was new to savage content organizing a static was awful. I just gave up on organizing a static. I went through so many party members, because of no shows or flaky people. So I just ended up PFing it. Im happy to keep grinding away at a game, thats easy, but trying to organize a static is a real pain.

  6. maybe its because her cherished community she loved so much threw her to the wolves a couple weeks ago… maybe just maybe its the death treats and the harassment from a community she had faith in but what do i know im just some rando on the internet

  7. I have to say, even I after a whole year playing the game non-stop (not even doing hardcore shit, but collecting glams etc.) I'm at a point where I do feel burned out. Didn't log on patch day etc.
    Currently playing other games and logging in just for a Frontline achievement every 4 day.

  8. idk whats fun about DSR, fight has several minutes worth of downtime with insanely slow transitions, the worse phase 1 of any ultimate that actively tries to make you sleep. TOP is better than DSR in everyway except story intergration but its an ultimate, its gameplay focused content fk the story integration if it costs gameplay fun. DSR is the worse ultimate in the game.

  9. Wow with that hair, she looks like shes on crack or some shit.

  10. Only reason TOP is so hard is because this game is just dead. If you wanna raid outside static times it's impossible, you have to wait 8 hours for a grp that's 2 progpoints short of the PF descr. This community with it's pf hate literally killed it's own mmo part of it
    Europe has like 25 players at endgame total and that's it

  11. It is okay to AFK but she AFK FFXIV to play Genshin? Hell no!

  12. they said there was not going to be a 3rd Eureka, which is upsetting.., we know why, FF16 has stolen time & resources from FF14 (and just look at the recent mounts, rewards, seasonal events, etc.., all low or mid..)

  13. Dsr is what made me almost quit the game because of doth, that mechanic tether is ping depends, and if u tether to another high ping player, it's GG.
    Oh god i hate dsr soo much.
    For top im at p6 and im having soo much funn because there is no another ping depending mechanic, and no we dont have am for trios

  14. It just feels weird to me that people sit there and freak out when they see their streamer stop playing a game for a little bit. It's like they have never heard of mild burnout where people just take a small break from the game and come back later when they feel refreshed or when there is new content to do.

  15. she seems burnt out, take a break from the game every once and awhile its good for you : D

  16. I played FFXIV since release all the way up until Shadowbringers on and off. The game now idk it just kind of sucks imo. Everything is so easy and telegraphed. I ended up switching to WoW Classic after that released and find it way more fun. It’s so much more fast paced and your rotation actually changes Vs hiting the same shit over and over and timing CDs to huge telegraphed tank busters. The gearing process I also find much more enjoyable now than present day XIV where even the most casual player can get basically gear almost as good as the hardcore raider. Where in current WoW Classic which is Classic WotLK one of the best expansions in any MMO ever made the Hard Mode raids offer far superior gear to their normal mode options. Yet it still offers all players of all skill levels a fun experience and gear to chase. Also Ulduar is possibly one of the best raids made across any mmo ever. Not to mention every class has multiple different specs and play styles Vs in XIV if your say a machinist then that’s it you’re just like every other fucking machinist. You have one play style one rotation. It’s just boring. All the bosses/dungeons/raids have HUGE glowing area of effect markers that makes the fights brain dead. The pvp in XIV doesn’t even hold a candle to pvp in Wrath. It’s just as someone who use to love XIV. Mained summoner in ARR, Dragoon in HW, Ninja in SB, and Gunbreaker in Shadowbringers the current version of the game is just so dull and boring. There is no gear diversity, no class diversity, it’s garbage.

  17. Well she did finish the latest ultimate which I would think is the last thing to do in terms of battle content really.

  18. TOP static disbanded like 3 weeks ago and no motivation to find a new one, the fight just feels bad all around

  19. she says raiding is her priority but built her whole thing with the social aspect, sitting in circle with others and talking. the ultimate clear ego man suddenly everything is not for her anymore lol

  20. i did TOP before even having done DSR and it was brutal and nerve-wrecking. I cleared it in the end, but I was VERY close to burnout as well

  21. There was a time when I raided 72 hours with two 3 hour rests. Done the hardcore thing. Done the world first thing. I get it; it's a rush during the race, and the notoriety is cool, but you hit a point in your life where it isn't quite as tasty as it was. I still raid all the time, but I'm pretty happy now with that "midcore" moniker; far less raid time, and a whole lot more time for other games.

  22. Currently unsubbed, catching up on some action games like DMC5 and Dragon's Dogma in anticipation for the FF16 release. Gonna resub pretty much as soon as I've had my fill, no reason to rush. Content is just gonna pile up nice and neat for me, just waiting for my WoL to stroll back in. It's probably one of my favorite aspects of FF14

    I've learned a long time ago that being a monogamer is just dumb

  23. She talks about how she doesn't want to just talk about drama and… Not even a month ago she outright said she was playing the wizard game *to make drama*. If she couldn't find drama, she was gonna make it and found out that being the center of drama isn't as fun as talking about it from the sidelines.

  24. Pretty cool that as a main tank in TOP, i still do sigma as to avoid the bug even tho they fixed it

  25. it's like people forgot they weren't making another zone since they made island sanctuary lol

  26. Took all that time to just say she was burned out and wanted to play other games for a while. One sentence, that's all that was necessary LOL.

  27. Zepla has a golden book of content. Get the space station telescope out!

  28. Nothing wrong with just deciding "nah I can just do that content later" when it's things like deep dungeons or tribal quests. People still run POTD and HOH after all.

    I don't understand the obsession with needing to log in for literally everything as much as possible. There are other games! I'm kinda frustrated with not having enough time for all my games sometimes.

    I haven't touched Warframe in months and I'm kinda mad about it…

  29. Just the shit she's had to go through the past year alone would make someone need to step back and switch gears a bit. Not to mention the fact that she plays ff14 like a full time job. Hope she enjoys some time away and gets a breather.

  30. 8 hours every day is a full-time job, holy shit chat saying it's not "hardcore" LOL

  31. It's reasonable to quit right now because the content is shit and she can't clear TOP so there's nothing much to do

  32. I understand Zepla. It took me 4 months to clear DSR. And I had to go from static to another static, all the way to another static, and there are days I had to force myself to play with pugs + 2 statics at the same time to maximize consistency. In the end, I just got 1 clear, after a 0.01% Enrage on the pull before.

    I wanted to reclear the fight 18x, but my 2nd clear never happened. No one wanted to help me. All the people I recruited were a mix of those who didn't have time for bullshit and those who didn't take reclears seriously. My past friends were burned out from raiding, my personal savage static disbanded after clearing abyssos in week 4. And, my static for criterion savage disbanded after barely doing Boss 2 Extreme Mode.

    That is when I said "I am fucking tired of this game. I quit." And I went back to genshin. 😂

    – Morgue Dragonsongdive (Atomos)
    Patch 5.5 – Patch 6.2 RIP

  33. Dang.. raid so hard made her rethink life

  34. GOOD! We don't need her woke ass in this community anyway.

  35. Someone gotta treat Zepla to a nightclub full of bunny boys. That's what she could definitely use if there's one, which there probably is.

  36. Man I feel older than what I am, I find funny that back at Alexander Gordias 3 savage, Xeno's guide was the go to guide everyone was using. Anyways, Final fantasy 14 burnout is real, the game is amazing despite everyone agreeing to disagree on many things, overall no MMO rpg nowadays will give you this experience. We can moan and complain, but that's the reality. The good thing is that his game was made so you can take a break for as long as you want and come back and gear up fast. Finally, those who do Ultimates and still play the game on daily basis doing weekly savage clears and other content are insane lol.

  37. The question is why does she feel the need to make content and stream the same game everyday (or close to it)? Just don’t turn your stream on, log in or don’t do your dailies or whatever you want then log off. She might actually hate all the drama but she’s kinda putting herself out there too.

  38. I am sure her 'burn out' is unrelated to the revelation that she is no ally after streaming the wizard game and doubling and tripling down on that error whilst her compassionate community begs her to just think about what she is doing.

  39. We all know this is due to the Hogwarts Legacy issue. FFXIV players went berserk on her for simply not agreeing with their views

  40. 8 hours a day is hardcore, I don’t care who you are. I don’t blame her for burning out, that’s crazy. I hope she gets the rest she needs. This is a game, it’s not worth losing mental health over, that’s ridiculous.

  41. She definitely jumped into the deep end without being prepared at all thats doomed to make you burn out and need a break from the game for a little bit. I personally don't do raids I can't stand them honestly I can still see why stuff like this is hard on ppl. I mostly play this game for RP no not ERP actual RP. RPers always have something to look forward to everyday that way it don't worry us when we have a content low and we always have something talk about lol I do feel bad for her though she had no idea what she was getting herself into

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