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Why you should get a cloak

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  1. You know Xeems be watching them h movies since even measurements rhyme

  2. If I'd already agreed to it it probably meant I didn't get any initial weird vibes/red flags so, I'd roll with it wondering if it was like a gimmick or a way to make the date less awkward/more interesting. But then be very disappointed if you didn't fully commit to the bit and sat down and ordered like a latte at Starbucks. Like go big or go home basically – no half-assed shit. Dress for the occasion.
    Going for coffee/Starbucks is fine btw – but like you better be ordering some elaborate off the menu custom order that fits the attire. Really set the tone.

  3. Man does he know what game he’s playing?

  4. Cloaks are bad ass, rain, snow, in the fucking desert. They have a practical use if you're not a superhero 🤔

  5. its probably too late but the material is very thin, basically see through rough fabric. it looks and feels like a halloween costume piece. the modeling for it on the page is misleading, at least to me.

  6. what if xeemo took you on a starbies date… and he was wearing a cloak… peepoShy

  7. hearing him pronounce centimetre like that nearly took me out. He really is our bald american

  8. Ah yes, my favorite Bleach character: Kenpachi Zarakai

  9. When he "got out of the car" all I could see was Leslie Nielsen in Dead and Loving It lmao

  10. I got pregnant just at the thought and I dont have a vagina

  11. the cloak looks nice. but, knowing Xeno, he would've appeared in this cloak and shoes without laces. yea, i would use a tazer. im in pain pepeсringe

  12. He should get one that matches the color of his hair

  13. I'd be pretty upset if you show up in the hooded cloak tbh, I wanna see that bald head

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