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Why xeno won’t get invited to the media tour

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  1. I fell over walking after that bird leave when he answers part. This chat is some types of toxic, petty, down bad, sadistic, wholesome, and hilarious at the same time for no apparent reason at all LMFAO

  2. chat is cute strummer just like you are don't say such hurtful things ;'(

  3. you have the worst chat in the directory and thats still an understatement

  4. Just remember if PR guy said "That would be difficult" that mean NO in japanese

  5. チャットにストラマーが反映される

  6. well.. a toxic chat means a toxic streamer.. why would any company want that PR

  7. If he shared seeds, maybe the BirdgeCouncil would be able to arrange a new sponsorship?

  8. I remember xeem snap because the mod and chats spamming bocchi emote and the word cock xffing

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