Why Vex Mythoclast Will Become the META in Season 15! - oramagamestudios.com

Why Vex Mythoclast Will Become the META in Season 15!

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Why Vex Mythoclast Will Become the META in Season 15!


  1. As I Titan I can say I am very excited. Vex with Path of the burning steps is going to be so OP with that Firewalker x4 activated

  2. Got it on my second vault run, went straight in the vault.

  3. The damage increase was to its bonus pve damage not its base damage

  4. Reducing the damage our primaries do to standard enemies was one of the worst changes they made, glad next season will mostly reverse that

  5. What shader is that on his ignition code

  6. It’s a 40% buff to ‘bonus’ damage not all damage.

  7. Alternative title: Why Vex Mythoclast will be reverted in season 16.

  8. That’s gonna be so great! If it would ever drop for me.

  9. I don’t have one though
    Xenophage will have to do

  10. It's about time the Mythoclast gets the respect it deserves!

  11. And I've done the raid, like 30 times and It won't drop…

  12. Ok so I'm guess I'm gonna have to be the bearer of bad news, seeing as someone rushed their video out without reading the twab properly.

    PvE damage BONUS is increased by up to 40%

    It's bonus damage because it's coming from the catalyst rework, it's up to 40% because the bonus will be based off of the stacks you have.

    So bear in mind, when you use your linear shots, your damage will decrease again.

  13. Hmm I will be powerful and you will all see

  14. Path of burning steps + Vex mythoclast + big buff = best primary

  15. I hope they fix Tarrabah, where you lose Ravenous beast after stowing the weapon. Awesome changes to the vex though.

  16. 97 completions later……… still waiting…

  17. Vex is about to be my main weapon this season

  18. Just remembered that in the crucible, a kill can give you like 3 charges. The TTK isn't that bad and with a range buff, stability buff and some supposed damage buff ( even if minor) could make this gun a menace.

  19. I'm ready with my vex, Got the catalyst and finish it yesterday. Can wait for one of my fav weapons since D1 to be back in shape!

  20. don't forget that the weapon will have UNLIMITED AMMO too…

  21. pair that with the warlock chest piece that increase your damage after your super is full and the damage is through the roof

  22. It was funny looking at the lfg discord once the TWAB was release. Dozens of people lfg to complete the catalyst lol, me included.

  23. Gfuel and raid shadow legends is how I spent my lock down baby

  24. Must be nice to have vex. COUGH COUGH 33 runs without luck COUGH COUGH.

  25. my problem with it is when you are running around with it out you cant see anything because it covers a third of your screen

  26. Oooo pair vex with veritys and middle/bottom tree solar warlock for big nades that do big aoe or lots of heals

  27. It wouldn't be vex mythoclast unless it broke the crucible at least once

  28. My already set build for next season is this with ignition code and the ritual rocket. I also have a nova warp build to use with it that mythoclast is used to power it

  29. I know I'm too late for any sort of corrections video, but your calculations are wrong due to one little misunderstanding. The 40% buff wasn't a blanket buff like you said, but rather a buff to the existing damage bonus it receives in PvE. Its base damage is the same as 360 rpm autorifles, but in PvE it currently gets a ~15% damage bonus, which is what the twab is referring to. After the buff, that bonus will go up to around ~21%. That's all it is.

  30. I'm so happy Vex is getting a buff and it's well needed and I'm so glad I got it before the season ended with the Catalyst

  31. I feel like the 40% buff is misleading because rpm damage scaling means less damage per shot so it's probably gonna play out as a smaller overall buff

  32. I feel like we're thinking a little smol right now.

    Primaries also getting infinite stock. Most of the primary weapons aren't insane, but Tarrabah? Devil's Ruin? Riskrunner? Huckleberry? Even Tommy's Matchbook and the Exotic bows(minus Leviathan's breath) are getting a pretty big buff from that alone, considering their number 1 downside was despite killing all the things, or doing all the damage they would sometimes run out of ammo and ruin the flow.

  33. Got vex on my 30th run. I genuinely can’t wait for it to be actually useable in pve

  34. Potentially supercharged rampage when each overcharge stack buffs damage and stability permanently untill you accidentally activate lfr mode

  35. U should make this video again but post buff because it's absolutely cracked now it feels amazing

    P.S. the catalyst is a 20 percent buff it's awesome

    PP.SS. there's a mod that buffs fusion rifles and linear fusion rifles for hitting targets and the more hits= more damage, so vex is super op

  36. bruh you always have 30% off your gfeul, its a meme at this point

  37. This is even more true with particle deconstruction
    I'm maining vex this season

  38. I just got mine on my tenth clear so excited to use it

  39. Alright question completely unrelated to the mythoclast. How does his grenades charge so fast what is he using?

  40. I still need vex and I'm sad cuz I have 19 clears in vog and still nothing.

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