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Why Vex is THE Anti 200 Years Champion

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Oversimplified version of why Vex is so good in the hit game Leg.
TLDR – cancel abilities


  1. Idk if her late game is good I was comparing damage to other mages and she she can’t even hit 1000 with her q

  2. I think part of the issue is also the culture of blindly following guides. If you just look up guides and copy skill builds and rune's you'll never learn. You're never taught the value of holding onto your passive or maxing W if you're worried your enemy laner is just going to try to jump on you 24/7. Don't know if the W max thing is still up to date since I've not been playing the game much lately but I think these people complaining are a symptom of a bigger issue in the community. Hopefully this video helps

  3. Haven't seen someone call an assassin a "200 years champ" in a while. Look at Hwei, K'sante, Renata, Bel'veth…

  4. Best guide explain by the most thicc bear you'll ever see on the rift.

  5. I was not a Vex player but got recked against a Vex that knew theses tips.
    Just after, youtube recommends me this video.
    Now I wanna be part of the club and c-c-c-cancel some dashes.
    Thanks Peribear, I hope the journey will be as fun as your videos !

  6. where's the sauce of the vex art in the thumbnail. it's so cute

  7. Only thing I've found difficult to deal with is good Zed players, the only counter I have is rush Zhonya and laugh in their face.

  8. A Twitter user posting about their character? C-C-C-CANCELED

  9. 100% of this is correct but pantheon needs a bit of extra information. you need GODLY reaction speed to consistently cancel his w because he stuns you before he arrives at your location, meaning you have to react almost instantly when you see the animation starts, which is (for me at least) not easy

  10. Why did you include my post about no vex skin 😭 what did I do

  11. 500k vex main, this is the way. i used to hate playing vex into fizz but when i started doing this i got free wins

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