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Why Steam Has a Monopoly, but No One Cares

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How Steam has a monopoly on PC gaming, but no one cares…

Some good alternative if this video scared you or something:

Usually one company controlling so much of a market is a bad thing and that is exactly what Steam does. Although, barely anyone minds this fact and many actually actively support Steam in this. It might be because Steam is just genuinely BETTER than the competition along with its legacy which makes it a go-to on the PC gaming platform where we have SO many options…

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Apex Legends:
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0:00- We ONLY Use Steam
2:00- Steam is the Essence of PC Gaming
4:28- Valve’s “Controversies”
6:20- Their Reputation
7:14- Why Apex Legends Moved to Steam
8:13- We’re TOO Invested
9:50- Why the Steam Deck is SO Weird
11:33- The Problem with Other Platforms
12:50- So is Steam’s Dominance a Problem?


  1. Steam is just the best on Linux. They realy helped the Linux gaming community event if it was also for their own reasons.

  2. what it comes down to is the competitors care about your money, steam cares about gamers. if they put more effort into features and platform then maybe people would switch but all they care about is milking you for money so they come crawling back to steam.

  3. I don't think using the word "monopoly" is correct in this context. Steam does not control the supply nor do they have exclusivity in any game. A lot of other Studios, like Ubisoft, EA etc fit the term monopoly better because they control the supply of their own games. It's only in the last 4 years have we seen those publishers putting their games on steam and it is still not a full "steam" process. Epic launcher also falls into a monopoly because many games are only available on Epic contractually.

    Most gamers choose to install their games via steam when given the choice. Most devs "choose" to publish their games on steam.

  4. I would argue steam controversy revolves around their marketplace. It facilitates many fraudulent activities. Things such as loot box keys being available for less than what valve sells then at is a clear indicator (frequently used to turn stolen bank money into steam credit)

  5. I would like to see competition, but all the competition is garbage. Valve has the best product by far, it's not even close and they are one of the few companies in gaming who haven't pissed me off yet.

  6. market leader is different from a monopoly

  7. I got Steam when I bought Half Life 2 on physical media. That’s, what, almost 19 years ago? And that game made me realize games could tell great stories, and give a great experience. Obviously I played games before that, but it was just mindless entertainment. Not art.

  8. I think if Valve puts the effort to really improve and polish every aspect of their platform, and i'm talking about the discussion forums, shop experience, discoverability of new games, giving the Software side of the store their own identity, improving community experience and making the market usable and easy to understand, it would make doing stuff outside of Steam such a pain and a much more worse experience that Valve could potentially kill several websites and markets in different areas outside of just the gaming space.

  9. Valve supports linux openly, I use linux everywhere. My support of valve is easy in this instance, if Epic wanted to support the penguin like they did back in the mid early 2000s I would give them money.

  10. Bro i wouldn't mind using a store that isn't steam, especially if it's better for the devs, but if i had to type out in which way steam is better and other stores are worst i would have written a bible-length text wall 😅

    To me Steam have created a standard for game consuming ever since i installed it at the age of 12, without me even knowing that, until experiencing uplay / origin / epic and going like: "this fucking sucks" (especially uplay)

  11. L steam , PC players you can play Xbox game pass on the browser u can only play PC games on the Xbox app

  12. the 30% its letrally all stores but egs (and im including, xbox, sony with ps, android and apple store…)

    edit: GOG is not only drm free, it has classic games, u own the game, u can download the installer and do whatever u want, u dont need them anymore either, gog its more of the classic physical shop, but virtual, u buy a copy and u can actually play it whenever u want even if the company closes, because u have the installer of the game itself, which u can put in a CD, and have a physical copy of the game; Again its a different philosophy compared to other shops, and if i can, i usually tro to get the game in gog (unless it doens tallow me to play multiplayer with my friends cause they got it in steam, but if possible, i prefer to buy my singleplayer games in there)

  13. Steam:
    The issue is that Steam has finished most of its features. Not everything about stream is to my liking, therefore I wouldn't call it flawless. Its store pages are still a little disorganized, and it might be a little difficult to see the DLC.

    It's the best option if you're seeking for Classic or DRM-free. The sole drawback is that not all games receive updates to newer versions; nonetheless, some older games function better on GOG than on Steam.

    Its one saving grace is that it offers more free games than Steam does at the moment, but there aren't many options when it comes to discounts. On Steam, there are many more affordable games (that people would really play) than there are on Epic.

    I feel like I'm shopping on a cellphone… and that's not great.

    Uplay, RockStar, Blizzard:
    It's a waste of space. I see no reason they need a store based solely on their own products. If they offered other people content as well maybe.

  14. I would say that we as gamer don't want to switch to other platforms as we already have enough bloatware on our pc and I sure as sht won't be buying g games 2x like some developers would want me to. Referring specifically to nvidia cloud streaming and the ability to use steam library but only if devs will allow it, cause streaming bs but stadi … that's fine .

  15. Or you can just go back to self-standing games and not use a service like we did in the 90s.

  16. Steam does not provide servers for games. I've been hearing this one for over a decade and its getting old. Steam lets you right click your friend and join their game *if the developer implements it*, and they can conduct the handshake. The developer still has to implement all of the actual netcode and pay for hosting of servers on platforms such as AWS.

  17. Steam offers so much for everyone. The only thing that sucks is that devs only choise is that 30% cut if they want it on steam, which lets be honest everyone wants, players and devs.
    Steam offers like consoles, unified profiles across games, friends and invites, easy mod support (workshop)(unlike consoles), achivements, a review section which the devs cant manipulate and much more

  18. Kudos to Steam for making a place for adult content. Epic stuck their nose up at it, claiming to be better than that. 🙄 Which is funny coming from a company that bribes people to use their platform so they can claim it's more popular than it is.

  19. Because its not a monopoly. It is under the definition people CLAIM they use, but its not the one they actually use nor does it make sense. Yes, that sounds like a no-true scotsman, but much like how everyone says they use PEMDAS but actually use PEJMDAS its the truth.

    People CLAIM monopoly means a company with near complete market share, but the definition they actually use (and the definition that's actually useful) is a company that leverages its size against the market to ensure its position.

    Just saying "company with high marketshare" is frankly fucking useless as a term since EVERY company has a 100% marketshare in infinite product classifications; Apple has a monopoly on iPhones, Valve has a monopoly on Steam Decks, etc. The issue with 'monopolies' is a lack of consumer choice, but the only reason Steam has the marketshare it does is because consumers choose it. Epic leveraged exclusivity deals to force people on their platform, Steam never did.

    The issue really muddying the conversation is that monopolies really just sorta don't exist. I mean they do, but they really don't. The only genuine natural monopolies are cases like infrastructure (water lines, electric grid, etc.) and everything else is a result of legislation. (For instance in America, why is Insulin so expensive? Oh, there is a monopoly? Cool, why? Oh because red tape stops importing insulin, red tape stops production of a generic, and red tape makes production of a competitor price prohibitive? Neat so just tell the government to fuck off.) The issue there is, its way nicer to be able to claim your powerless than accept you aren't and CHOSE this outcome, so tons of people call things monopolies that aren't. (Often under EITHER definition) In other words, you bought an iPhone knowing it was locked down and unrepairable and now you want my sympathy because your device is locked down and unrepairable. Well you ain't getting it, buy a fairphone next time if you really give a shit.

  20. There's a difference between a monopoly (being the sole reasonable/feasible/available provider/seller/etc) and being a market leader. A monopoly is pretty self-explanatory, I'd think, but people are clearly making the mistake of believing a monopoly is "when business popular" rather than "when only business" or, in less meme-y terms, whenever a business has control over a market and faces little to no competition. Valve still has competition in the marketplace and they don't actually have as much control over the marketplace as you'd think – if Steam enables practices that harm its own consumers then they still have options to switch to and Valve will have no ability to stop them from moving on from them to competition that'd take every opportunity they could get.

    A monopoly, however, would be a business that prevents competition from taking place, which I guess you could argue that once something is used enough to the extent that their competition isn't as utilized that in some stretch of the definition you could call this that, but not just in the here-and-now but in the future – i.e; in the 80's there was a literal communications business monopoly where companies were bought up as much as legally permitted and then paid under the table to conspire to draw up territories and market limits (like no one selling services under a certain price, or not providing services in a given area at a rate that undercuts competition, raising prices every set period of time in each company) and so there was no way to evade the practices of that singular (Bell) company because they owned the market, not just in the figurative sense of "everyone uses them" but in the literal sense in that no one was willingly or capable of competing with them and they bought up anyone who otherwise could have.

    Steam, in spite of its size, isn't actually a monopoly. Being the most popular provider of a service or the most used seller doesn't automatically make you a monopoly, there's a whole list of things you need to do and become in order to.. well.. monopolize the market.

  21. Valve is maybe the best example of solely being able to focus on the customer and have a great success with it. This company is nowhere to be seen at the stock market, so they don't have to please those 'big quick money people'.

  22. GOG were so good with their Galaxy launcher
    But then after cyberpunk they completely dropped the ball and it seems to be on life support…
    It was so nice having one launccher which manages all other game launchers.
    Steam Integration is broken now for over half a year now, no fix.
    Updates dont work anymore, you have to completely uninstall and reinstall for an update
    Ubisoft Integration broke years ago and has a fix hidden in some forum post, but still hasnt made it into the main integration…
    Origin Games was killed off in favor of the EA App, there is no EA App Integration at all now

    The only one that works is the official integration for epic games funnily enough

  23. short notice. i do not care about your opnion american.

  24. steam legitimately got me to stop pirating.

  25. It's tough, if all your friends buy the game on Steam are you really gonna be the dummy that buys it on Epic and then have trouble joining games etc…

  26. ive been with steam since 2016 i am up to 35 games purchased atm im looking up upgrade my fossil computer currently on a i5 3300 16gb ram 8 TB HDD 1080ti 4graphic's card steam offers the proper content i like i have 5 games currently that are over 1,000hr's each but im also a sponge for waiting on the games i have 71 games currently in my wishlist that im waiting to go on a sale of high proportion 😉 ill wait i always do PC 4 life

  27. I hope when they get windows for steam deck it won't slow down the linux gaming community development

  28. As long as valve never goes public and gaben lives forever, we are in good hands.

  29. Steam doesn't have a monopoly, sure they are the most popular by far, but it's not because they unfairly made decisions for people to go through them, they just offer the best services. Epic and Xbox take more money and are more unfair when it comes to pricing, shares of game revenue etc. It's why when publishers said it was unfair when steam was the only one, it didn't work and they then created their own digital marketplaces

  30. GOG Galaxy is awesome.. one launcher that allows you to open games you own in steam or epic or gog, etc that doesn't require multiple launchers and requiring you to remember where you bought the game from. Which for me is why I default to a single launcher.

  31. "The easiest way to stop piracy is not by putting anti-piracy technology to work. It's by giving those people a service that's better than what they're receiving from the pirates." – Lord Gabeth Alucard Newell IV,
    Taken from Part of his Inspirational Speech To his Subjects, "The PC Master Race", while he was signing The PC Gamers Declaration of Independence. Finally severing their ties from the The Countries of {Great Consoles} a.k.a. "The Land of Little Angry Barking People". The straw that broke the camels back was when "The Great Famine of The Black Forest" had swiftly struck the world. Day 183, All of stock and supply of Cheetos or Mt. Dew The Conoles had Stockpiled finally ran dry, even though they still had Doritos which they tried to offer. Back then, an action like that, even during times of life and death was still considered the highest of insults. So with that, The PCMR Yeeted them the F*ck Out. The end. Yea! ✋🤚 👋 👋 👏 👏

  32. steam ist already on the very top and will be if they go on like this.

  33. Oh man, You had great chance to not have a 3rd Reason if get what im saying. LOL

  34. Nobody cares that steam is a monopoly because steam is not a monopoly.
    Words exist, they have a meaning, console peasants.

  35. At this point the only way anyone could compete with Steam is by being able to link your Steam library to get all your games on their platform. Too many people are committed to Steam at this point with hundreds of games in their library.

  36. yea…. about that whole "better cut" i rememper back in 2017 or so hearing about epics lag of compensating developer of a their game when they give the one weekly free game
    alot of people keep nagging about 30% is bad when in reality all it does is securing the platforms is ever stable
    i mean just think of countries like Denmark, one of the highest paid in taxes yet still one of the most happiest place on earth according to well the people who judge that kind of thing
    point is. i still dont trust Epics model with the first comment in mind (not to mention Tim allows NFT games witch Gabe threw out of steam) and sure steam might have the naughty games but let's be real… horny teens will find that shit even if it wasn't on steam (only defriends… steam is safer for your pc juuuust….. not safer for your friendliest to see what you do…)

  37. Long as I can Pirate games IDGAF who has a Monopoly. Just built me and my girl a PC and she wanted to play The Sims 4. No way in Hell I'm paying $900 for the game and DLC,

  38. Take the limited edition when you can. I buyd the standard 512gb model and I'm heading for the same price more performance

  39. I have like 4 games on Steam and nearly 100 on GOG. Ownership is everything.

  40. Error @ 4:54 – Valve emeregd from stealth-mode as a startup in 1998 when they released half life. Half life was a real revolution. Half Life is why people bought 3dFx video cards for their computers. I had my entire PC upgraded ONLY to play Half Life. It wasn't quake or duke nukem or castle wolfenstein, it was Half Life. Everyone had to have that game! Anyway after 5 years they decided to work on the platform – Steam. So Valve is 25+ years old.

  41. I hate DRM. So I will always prefer gog.

    Edit: Also steam recently dropped support for older operating system. This is already an instant deal breaker for me. I have old pcs that I use to play old games that don't play correctly on my new pc. Fortunately most older games were cracked, so I can still play them without headache on my old pc. But then that begs the question: why even waste money on steam in the first place?

    Secondly, because of Denuvo, a lot of newer games remain uncracked. This means, the older method of just cracking is no longer guaranteed when steam will eventually drop support for current OS many years later.

    I didn't care about it when I was younger and I wasted money on steam. But for the past few years, I've completely stopped buying games on steam and every other services except for GoG. Because there really is no point in spending money on a game that I don't own.

  42. I do concerned with Steam monopoly. Today I'm not really minded it because Gabe still handling it. However for long term, Gabe won't be the head of Steam forever. Different people will take his place in the future and it will not be guaranteed to be handled like how Gabe did it.

  43. steam levels are not gained from achievements, they are mostly paid trading cards that can be turned into badges. those badges give xp. basically a money sink

  44. They way GOG does it is the best. You don't even have to use their galaxy thing, you can just download the installer. I think you can even make it work in jdownloader which is extra nice. So GOG releases are almost as good as physical ones were. But steam isn't bad either. At least in the context of the time we live in, when it was new everyone hated it. But Valve always seem to think of the right things and I like how they pushed Linux gaming.

  45. Steam is not flawless but they're trying to patch their flaws and I love them because they're the only ones who actually try to be good guys.

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