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What’s New in Minecraft 1.19.3? New Creative Inventory, Game Rules, Vex!

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Minecraft 1.19.3 is out! Here is the best guide around to for the news and changes in this version – new Vex, shield buffs, creative inventory overhaul, experimental 1.20 features and much more. Check it out! #minecraftemployee

slicedlime works as a Tech Lead for Minecraft at Mojang, but the YouTube and Twitch channels are personal projects run entirely in his spare time. This is an unofficial update video that aims to be the most comprehensive guide possible. Official announcement:

Sound Changes:
Technical News:

Introduction: 0:00
Gameplay: 0:17
Mobs: 1:03
Creative Mode: 3:02
World Generation: 5:52
Game Rules: 6:27
Visuals: 8:38
Chat: 9:13
User Interface: 10:00
Telemetry: 11:10
Experimental Features: 12:02
Experimental Mob – Camels: 13:11
Experimental Blocks & Items: 14:15
Thank You: 18:49

Change Highlights in this version:

– Shields now work against more explosions
– Creepers can be ignited using fire charges

– New Vex look
– Nether spawns (Skeletons, Wither Skeletons, Endermen) now require light level below 7
– Mobs no longer build up fall damage when dangling on leads
– Horses no longer suffocate when passing through Nether portals
– Villagers don’t breed while laying down
– Bees don’t get stuck on non-full blocks

– Massive creative mode overhaul
– Added: dragon egg, ominous banner, spawners, all suspicious stews, all firework rocket durations
– New Operator Items tab (when option is turned on)
– Improvements to Spawners
– New spawn eggs for snow golems, iron golems, withers and ender dragons

Game rules:
– Added blockExplosionDropDecay, mobExplosionDropDecay and tntExplosionDropDecay game rules
– Added snowAccumulationHeight game rule
– Added waterSourceConversion and lavaSourceConversion game rules
– Added globalSoundEvents game rule

User Interface:
– Potion effects now show entire durations
– Improved Open to LAN screen
– New Panorama scroll speed accessibility option
– New splash texts:
– You are valid!
– I’m glad you’re here!
– You are welcome here!
– Your gender is valid!
– Contains infinite genders!
– Made with lave!
– New languages:
– Nauatl
– Rusyn

– Added Telemetry Data Collection Screen
– The level of data sent can be controlled between “Minimal” and “All”
– Every telemetry event sent from the client is now logged to disk

Experimental Features:
– Some experimental features now need to be enabled to appear in worlds
– Such features are enabled by adding a built-in datapack when creating a world
– Bundles are now available as an experimental feature
– Added Camels
– Added bamboo wood blocks
– Added bamboo mosaic blocks
– Added bamboo rafts
– Added hanging signs
– Added chiseled bookshelves that can store books
– Piglin heads can now drop when a charged creeper blows up a piglin
– Mob heads on noteblocks make the noteblock play the mob sound

Thank you to the helper crew! JochCool, NeunEinser, Octojen, Vegguid & Violine

Some camera sequences rendered using the ReplayMod:

Music by Tape Machines ():
– On Top of the Hill
– Marigold Seeds
– Postcard View
– Midnight Sunlight
– Hum With Me
– Evergreen Fields

Main channel:
Second channel:
Outdoors channel:

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  1. Amazing overview! I know you're a dev but you're always very detailed 🙂
    I'm sorry the algorithm has been treating you so harshly!

  2. This is definitely my favourite "small" update, even better than 1.18.2. The creative changes were definitely needed for a long time.

  3. Perfect choice of music for the villager breeding fix. Cracked me up!

  4. Amazing video!! And those were awesome transitions at the start 😀

    This update is truly amazing and the changelog speaks for itself

  5. 8:268:40

    Hope you have a totem of undying for the fight against the dangerous algorithm boss sliced!

  6. Wow, I need to change my game into Nahuatl right now :O I'm learning the language, and I'd love to learn with my favourite game! I've also played in Sámi before. Thank you for supporting translations in indigenous languages!

  7. Can't wait for the technical changes overview! I'm a datapack developer and don't really understand the texture atlas changes haha

  8. Not Joergen, why did you have to bring up this trauma again?! 🙁

  9. Give Creative Mode the crafting square in the menu

  10. Thr fact experimental data pack adds items would be so nice if normal datapacks could do the same…

  11. Hey is their a way to disable splash text I don’t want to see splash texts anymore I think they use to be funny now there useless and was just wondering if you can disable them cause I don’t read them 90% of the time.

  12. I love all these quality-of-life bug fixes and features, cannot wait for the future of 1.XX.X updates

  13. Thanks Sliced. Some really practical updates for players here. And thanks for the Twitch Bingo streams. Loving them- especially the random endermen and pumpkins whenever you don't need them!

  14. YT algorithm used to ignore slicedlime's videos. That is fixed in this version.
    Fr though I watched to the last second, liked and now commenting to hopefully give you as much engagement as possible!

  15. the lava source conversion gamerule look soo cursed

  16. This is a really really good QoL update. Seriously, Slicedlime, and to all your colleagues, thank you all so much for all the effort.

  17. I think Mojang really needs to sit back and realise what they are trying to achieve and not change things for the sake of changing them. Pigs being default in monster spawners, chat banning, removing iconic features. It just isn't what MC was built on. We should all be grateful for useful new features but not in a non-Mojang way. 'cmon guys you were the devs that kept old features and bugs that were iconic but now we're going as far as removing the default pig from spawners. Gee whizz Mojang what are you going to do next? Remove floating blocks? Remove the fact that leather items are named different to their armour counterparts? Why are you removing your details of your past so willingly?

  18. I guess I'm gonna need a mod to return the steamy villager bedroom action

  19. I love this update and all these fixes – so nice for a 'minor' update. I was going mad with this water bucket and waterlogged block issue in my skyblock world just in the last few days. Thanks for the recap vid Slice.

  20. Why's nobody talking about the best clip to use for the suffocating horse!?

  21. I would love it if snow accumulation would use a similar mechanic as the copper oxidation, so that the height is more evenly spread and less noisy

  22. 5:50 are these flipped? It looks harder to distinguish the polar bear spawn egg in 1.19.3

  23. I am so excited for many of the blocks in the update and 1.20. Thank you for organizing the creative inventory and moving the stone bricks first instead of the infested ones! I am loving all the fixes (the villager breeding one was hilarious!) and feel like the game will be smoother with all of it! We love that idea! Also love the colouring of the bamboo signs and scaffolding! Very pretty!! Thank you, Slicedlime!!!

  24. This is a sick update i hope they make more of these minor updates that add QoL stuff and optimise the game. honstly all of the minor update after 1.11.2 felt like they added nothing to the game. (and the ones before 1.11.2 as well) my favourite feature is the new potion effect display. i hated how it only showed up to 30mins and i though they would never fix it but here we are i will now see how long all of my very long potion effects will last in 1.19.3

  25. Could you tell me what is the seed and coordinates of the landscape in the transition of "World generation"? I think is lovely.

  26. It amazes me how you can make videos so informative and detailed and at the same time so damn funny! xD Your edit skills have been notably improving =)

  27. still bothered by the fact that telemetry cant be switched off entirely.

  28. Great choice of clip for that horse bug fix lmao.

    Also wow this minor update is pretty huge

  29. Hey, lime. Are you aware that beacons stopped working in 1.19.3? trying to activate a new beacon in 1.19.3 won't work in all words except maybe super flat. I tried to report it in the bug report site but the internet is too slow to load it.

  30. Shielding explosions is way too OP. I hope we can get a gamerule for this. Also, the signs should be two-sided.

  31. i am going to put myself through so much pain while looking through the new creative inventory. i have no idea where anything is

  32. “You can middle click them to get the egg” basically if u summon the wither manually then u can get the egg without commands 😂

  33. Most of these changes are fine but some are unnecessary like the shulker boxes.

  34. Thank you for continuing to do a great job on your What's New videos! Greatly Appreciated!

  35. Heck yeah, I love all of these small quality of life changes!

  36. "Villagers could sometimes breed while in a non-standing positon. That is *fixed* in this version. [Wink wink.]"

  37. ok am I the only one that absolutely hates the new creative inventory layout? like I've been used to the old layout for soooo many years now. Please let there be a mod/datapack that switches it back.

  38. I personally hope they add an option to revert the inventory, I personally despise the new one

  39. Love the editing in this video – the addition of a couple more obvious jokes in addition to the usual humourous text popups felt nice.

  40. 3:00 this implies minecraft breeding isn't euphemisms but actually like in the bible where a bright flash of light blinds everyone and the baby appears out of it. honestly?? good!!!!

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