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What Vex PROVES about League of Legends

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  1. I respect that you totally own those sponsorships. May as well do it well if you're going to do it.

  2. Bold of you to say that Vex isn't "attractive" champ, being a FEMALE yordle is the same as being an Elf, the ideal Es-sex pocket pusi, the amount of her rule 34 speak value ;3

  3. I can understand LeBlanc, Zed, Akshan, Yasuo for having mobility because it’s kind of representative of their character, play style & how they fit into the game.

    But when every single champion has it, it gets ridiculous.

    Also Skooch I’d love if you could talk about lifesteal/omnivamp creep. Taste of Blood & Ravenous Hunter is basically mandatory at this point for almost every champion. Grievous wounds isn’t cutting it for the Irelia healing 200HP per AA.

  4. First unattractive champion… I mean ok last time I checked cute things were attractive. Dont worry skooch just keep strutting around with those opinions.

  5. Skooch plays nasus though, but hates point and click hard cc…. the issue is that his w feels like you dont get to move, well its more like your brain gets cced because your so pissed off dying to the stasksus again….

  6. The thing is…vfex is a champ with a game-knowledge requirement to counter mobility. If you use her passive like a braindead monkey you die. If you spam your abilities like a maniac you loose lane to mana. if you go tear you are going to cry under your turret until you have the lost chapter. if you miss your R cause you are drunk and cannot aim you are gonna cry and get no resets. She is designed to punish stupid engages and if you are mechanically better and have a rather decent knowledge of the game Vex is basically like Lissandra and you can just play around her abilities and anti-dash mechanic.

  7. I was chasing down a Fizz, he used his jump, which empowered my next auto attack, and he died.
    I was chasing down an Ashe, she used her flash, which empowered my next aa, and she died.
    I was chasing down Annie, and, well, she didn't use any kind of dash or flash but- I ulted and she died.

    You get the idea.
    Is just so much fun to f*ck people up just because they decided to dash/flash.

  8. I love the guy is chat who said "then don't play Garen" when skooch was talking about how champs like Garen becomes useless more and more with mobility.

  9. they should get some new anti mobility "cries in poppy"

  10. idk how someone with such low knowledge of game design is that listened on that specific subject
    it's just a crybaby rent on something you don't know

  11. But like everyone has mobility nobady has the advantage

  12. one of the things i love about vex is how she was gonna be an artillery mage champ…..CAN YOU IMAGINE AN ANTI DASH ARTILLERY MAGE CHAMP HOLY SHIT I WOULD LOVE THAT

  13. i vant like 10 more existing champs to get mobilety blockers

  14. Ah yes Mobility Creep, the biggest enemy of every Morde main ever. (And the main reason we build Rylais every game since S3)
    And before some1 thinks about it, no his r isnt a mobility counter since brazil is still big enough of a arena for everyone to just dash around the slowly aproaching Morde. (Also qss and Zhonyas are a thing so its mostly just better to simply not even try to ult at all and stay frontline in the teamfights)

  15. As Always absolute Amazing Video and conclusion Skooch Bro!

    I fvcking sign that wit U ❤

  16. xX Golden Darkness Xx - Konjiki no Yami says:

    Amumu 2.0, but a lot more depressed 🤣😂

  17. Anything that pisses off Yasuo players is alright with me.

  18. Mobility has been a problem in the game for years, remember kalista? She came out when the mobility was also getting crazy. And how did they fix that? Juggernaut patch.

  19. Yeah pass the message that she counters Zed or Irelia…

  20. So like my other favorite company behavior they make a new option so out of the hundred+ options 1 exists to counter the constant problems in their game and boom, balanced.

  21. Editing is still on point. Absolutely beautiful.

  22. I for one welcome the mobility creep. Make every champ fast, being faster is more fun

  23. The idea of a Garen ever even touching a leblanc makes me cringe. Like what elo is this XD?

  24. Gotta love when he was talking about last attractive champion and hesitated to choose between Sett or Lillia before giving up

  25. I love your rants and editing just kills me further

  26. i guess it must be pretty VEXing for the dashing champions!

  27. I love vex jungle taking w first and rushing drakes and crags

  28. The whole legendary and mythic item thing killed it for me. Galeforce, Goredrinker, and Stridebreaker giving mobility and the best melee bruiser ability to every ad bruiser kills champion uniqueness. Every ADC gonna have an Ezreal E and every ad bruiser gets a dash or Darius Q

  29. This is off topic, but am I the only one who enjoys being jungle. It seems like people don't enjoy playing jungle.

  30. Vex is a breath of fresh air in the mid lane. There is never a time I say "oh ffs" when I see her picked mid because she's a decently balanced champ that isnt dashing around ignoring my offence and can be outplayed. She has good damage sure, but she's a mage and if not played correctly she's blown up easily. Over the last couple years champ design has gotten so out of control to see a champ with skill descriptions that are not Bible passages or take a masters degree to understand is so refreshing. That and she isn't a hot guy/girl with less clothes than a stripper instantly makes her more interesting than other releases. We need more monster/yordle champs Riot.

  31. What breathing proves about league

  32. first 2 min 100% unrelated ad. bet this dude has like 5% retention lmao

  33. Ionic Spark is an item in TFT that zaps enemies when they use their abilities. They could adapt something like that, make it so that whenever an enemy you hit dashes within a few seconds after getting hit, they take damage.

  34. Yo your earings are they based on the ones in FFXIV?

  35. Vex proves league of legends can have hot characters.

  36. vex is the league playerbase, let me explain
    Annoying: like the playerbase
    Broken: We only play broken champs
    Will literally murder you if you dash: people complain about dashes a lot

  37. Hey guess what the new champion is? MOAR MOBILITY SPAM. Not to mention yet another Zaun champ.

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