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WEEKLY BEST OF VEX May 31st to June 19th

Vexoria The Sun Eater
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Here are the highlights from this week from Vexoria the Sun Eater! Be sure to catch her live at: twitch.tv/vexoria_the_suneater


  1. 4:10 Vex, farts are literally a top 3 sound effect for any dude. If he compares your tatas to THAT noise, that is a LEGENDARY compliment.

  2. im still wondering who is more seductive cim or vex

  3. That vex art for the intro and outro got me….acting unwise.

  4. I love you, Vexoria! You're so funny, beautiful, hot and cute. I love your content. 😍❤️💞

  5. I love your video's my goddess your so funny and beautiful I warship you for life ❤

  6. I have to say I love you look you're so beautiful pretty cute snake before and say hi to you thanks say I'm ready to yours snake❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  7. 1:39 it woud be painful, because you have a snake tail and her tail is full of spikes. If you want be in pain, do it

  8. The edits in this video are Fucking amazing.
    Hit me right in the funnies.
    Especially about the Fart Boobies!

  9. I mean Zolon is not wrong. It is probable for your gorgeous breast to make that sound

  10. I love your avatar so much! Especially the eyes and the fangs showing make your expressions so cute 😍

  11. I think the sound is out of sync. Maybe it's just me

  12. I LOVE YOU SNEK MOMMY! For real though your content is both wholesome and lewd, plus adorable moments with little snek is adorable

  13. Was waiting for another one of these. Let's goooo🔥🔥
    Love the highlight reels.

  14. 2:48 I really hope she plays Devil May Cry now.
    She would LOSE IT when she sees Dante, and Vergil.

  15. 私は貴方に一目惚れしました。声も姿も素晴らしい

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