ioki and Heiz
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League of Legends Season 12 Nocturne and Vex gameplay!

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  1. I wanna see ice walls!!! Give us a anivia with trundle support.

  2. UFC Bot comp.

    Ultimate Fist Clapping

    Malphite carry Sett support. Fist clapping for everyone!

  3. Day 4 of Senna ADC and Thresh support running yhe usual builds.

  4. charm comp for ahri eve i think you two could pull it off thank you for all the wholesome content

  5. This may sound weird but I really like the red tee Heiz is wearing

  6. The sound quality of this video is terrible..

  7. Okay, the No Chance of Survival Comp. Heiz Lee Sin ioki Senna

  8. Honestly I have no idea what that draven was thinking all-in'ing like that at level 1-2. I mean sure, he probably has strength, but to simply completely underestimate a bot-lane combo that you've never seen before? Seems like a terrible idea. Maybe I just respect off-metas too much? Because I play them, that is. Every off meta pick has a reason for existing. I'd find that strength first then try to exploit it, not just run in head first hoping that it all works out lmao. Which is what Draven and Nami did.

  9. Kamikaze airbomb comp, requires Amumu and Tahm kench:
    Amumu just builds full ap and tahm delivers him to the whole team, could also work for the other channel

  10. The Fire Lord will once again request the Team Avatar Comp!

    Yasuo/Janna – Air
    Nami/New Champ – Water
    Malphite/Taliyah – Earth
    Shyvanna/Brand/Annie – Fire
    And Qiyana
    Because Empress of the Elements.

    I’ve heard pretty much all you mention Avatar: The Last Airbender once or twice and it’s literally my favorite show of all time so I would really enjoy watching you guys play with this comp ❤️❤️

  11. What do you use to show the camps time till they spawn on the mini map?

  12. day 8 of asking for double shock comp zeri and kennen :3

  13. How did this Gangplank get so high when I can't get out of Iron 5?

  14. Why is this a bot duo and not a mid and jungle duo? wouldn't the latter be better for roaming

  15. Day five asking for the Leap Frog comp: Tahm Kench support and Kallista ADC. Kench eats and spits Kallista and she throws an angry frog at her foes. Not even a troll comp since Kallista can set up a ton of Rend stacks with the Kench Ult shield

  16. Neeko Zyra combo. Got burst, roots, AoE burst with again cc included.
    Glacial augment (or Comet) Neeko with Everfrost, Liandry's Zyra. The enemy will lose their minds, with plants poking/slowing, being unable to move, being tricked by Neeko clones/camouflages.
    Guaranteed content

  17. Play popy theresh if u mange hit a popy ult on someone that is hooked by theresh and he take the q and go with it and popy take the lantern just play it and see lamo

  18. Hey guys! I have another funny botlane comp, its kinda similar to the kalista & Alistar comp, but with Ap Malphite. Kalista could litarally throw a Nuke into the enemy team!

  19. I know youve acknowledged me ioki. So I'm calling you out heiz! Senna susaN Unkillable Bonker comp or I cri😢

  20. Love the spooky comp. Day 25 of asking for cagematch darius. Darius adc with veigar support ❤ great video

  21. My suggestion is : poppy, vayne slam them in the wall

  22. Blind comp, Noctern and Graves. Or 5 man Noctern, Galio, Shen, Karthus, and Pantheon So Nocturn ult makes the other ults invisible. I think! Uber gank 🙂

  23. Centaur lane.
    Trample them with Lillia and Hecarim lane

  24. YO amaizing channel! Love love the content…BUT one question tho…how can you add the timer for the neutral camps in the map like Heiz??

  25. @IOKI you make well done job in this game i see you make it in all games i like you <3 you been support player but i never seen so good support player. can du play a many champ end make its work <3 Good Job 🙂

  26. I want to see Cass and twitch bot lane from you 2

  27. Wanna know how to make a 200+ years champ? Give it a reset-ult.

  28. In the back of my mind during this video all I heard was the theme song Together We Ride from FE =D

  29. What about a flinger comp with Taliyah and Singed? Max pebble damage!

  30. Death nap comp…lillia and darius…lillia ults them to sleep them darius ult takes them out

  31. seriously dude, you being a jack to the jungler isent exactly a good looking…

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