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Warhammer 40k Lore – Chaos Knights of House Vextrix

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In this chaos knights video, we learn about a house that sported a larger than average number of advanced armors, House Vextrix. Enjoy!!!

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  1. I've heard a Chaos Knight of Slaanesh by the name of DreamyDoombull (from Knight House Thuggus) has been terrorizing the Harlem sector for 69 hundred years

  2. (Google's outright and repeatedly deleting comments now…rampant across varying channels) Anyway:Bad boys, whatcha gonna do…and now for some corrupt ex-constables of the Imperium, some bloody, dark knights.There's a warning sign: roving about the galaxy, acting on deficated behalf of the Fabricator General rather than the Emperor himself. Even their knights, especially the faces, look Mechanicum in appearance more than any other house's, in that opening image of a cluster of knight minis.Nice Irish green for the background of their banners, though. Not that that makes up for the treason. The green of their knights is duller and less impressive than the Salamanders', too.Vextrix, the Chaos house of hot rodders and gearheads. As obvious as their loyalty like addicts to the Mechnicum was, their pride in taking the Warmaster's side…? I suppose that was simply by extension of Vextrix's devotion to Mars. They were straightforward about what they were willing to sell their, and their brothers', souls for. These corrupt armour are still scum. I'm grateful as ever for your introducing them to me, Narrator. In the meantime 'til your next video record of high intrigue, keep on truckin' to a healthy and awesome day. The Emperor protects.

  3. Another Knight House damned by their dedication to Horus. Thanks for the Lore, GDN:)

  4. amazing video man . i love Aeldar Necron faction lore and titan knight walker suits info are one of my favorite things to talk about

  5. Happy to hear more Chaos knight lore. Thanks bud

  6. Oh boy GDN haven't done one of these videos for a while it's good to go back to some house chaos knights lore and chaos knight model at 3:49 looks boss with it's glowing eyes such great detail and well painted house Vextrix
    Got good color scheme and emblems oh man it pays to be loyal Mars to get the bigger guns
    But they forgot their loyalty to the imperium and lost their dreams of Horus betrayal." Search a wasted of good-House 😃👍

  7. This is a great video , I like knights.
    But House Devine is going to crazy. Dig up all the extra lore you can on them , they are game of thrones crazy.
    Thank you

  8. Vextrix, when kissing up to the boss works out very well. Thanks for the video.

  9. Love these videos, no one covers small lore topics as consistently as you. Appreciate the content

  10. When being loyal to your boss goes too far.

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