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VRC Over Under | Field Tour | VEX Robotics

VEX Robotics
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Grant Cox walks us through this season’s game field and the do’s and don’ts of VRC Over Under! **Please note, there was previously a mistake in the placement of the GPS strip. We removed that section of the video to avoid any confusion. As always, the game manual is your best friend 🙂

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  1. Great game? Yes. Would i play it again? Hell no.

  2. “Tossing the Triball from afar usually won’t work, you’re gonna have to be pretty much on top of the goal in order to shove it in”
    Challenge accepted Grant.

  3. Are robots able to shoot the tribal into the goal

  4. I’ll be doing this season later this year!

  5. You can get the tribal into the goal across the field from the alliance match loader; we can get solo awp consistently. We also have a H tier climb. Anything in this game is possible. Hope y’all do great this season👍

  6. Questions. The bar in the middle of the board are drivers allowed to drive over it or do drivers have to go around the sides. Say like if u were to go full speed over the bar is that aloud

  7. as the blue alliance would I be able to put a red triball on top of the blue net and remove it from the field?

  8. I’ve seen many teams design robots that require you to put the match load tri balls directly in their robot but it sounds like that is actually not allowed.
    If anyone knows if this is actually allowed pls reply

  9. Tour game, but mich easier to score this year. As a ref, I appreciate that.

  10. also it says when touching that red or blue match pole you can place it in the non moving robot

  11. Looks like someone setup the field incorrectly.
    At around 8:30 Grant mentions the Blue elevation bar should be setup on the 5/6 wall and Red elevation bar on the 11/12 wall. The game manual and field setup instructions state this to be the opposite with Blue on 11/12 (0°) wall and Red on the 5/6 (180°) wall. This means the red goal should be on the 2/3 (90°) wall and blue goal on 8/9 (270°) wall. The Portable Field CAD also appears to display the setup as described in the game manual and instructions.

  12. ꧁༺TͥheͣMͫץgรͦτͩerץNoob༻꧂ says:

    Nice hair, Grant

  13. Watch me shoot the acorns into the goal from the match load, just watch me do it because it’s gonna happen.

  14. According to the instructions for the portable field, the blue bar is between 11 and 12. Should I build according to the instructions or according to the video?

  15. hmm seems like another video I've seen🧐

  16. That gasp was a good addition. Good jump scare🤣

  17. What would happen if you balanced your bot on a triball and put it on top of the yellow cap. 8:40 ,because it doesn’t touch the cap, it touches the ball that is touching the cap

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