Viper rotation looks easy -

Viper rotation looks easy

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  1. Easiest rotation ever you barely have to think about it

  2. Not sure why I even tried watching any of your vids

  3. I was like this dude catfished the Vikings lol

  4. i need a rotation guide that says push this button first and follow the procs till they are all gone. I just need to know which ones to start with and which ones to choose when multiple options appear

  5. Thank you my liege, now I understand the rotation

  6. Came here for rotation, left with feelings I'll need to wrestle with

  7. Gonna be waiting for Wesk alber's guide for this one.


  9. Honestly jokes aside from our liege idk why you would the burst on the uncoiled abilities unless every single content creator isnt showing the tooltips from media tour without the hast buff, that ability alone is a 4 second recast timer. You could have probably fit any other sort of damage in there maybe but idk

  10. Dang, if only he could rotate the hair on the bottom of his head to the top xffing

  11. Excellent Rotation explaination my liege i came here not knowing anything and after the vod i still know shit

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