Vex’ahlia of Vox Machina | Critical Role D&D Lore #shorts -

Vex’ahlia of Vox Machina | Critical Role D&D Lore #shorts

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Vex’ahlia, nicknamed “Vex”, was a skilled ranger and rogue, and a member of Vox Machina. Vex’ahlia became the wielder of the legendary bo Fenthras, imbued with great power and crafted to combat the malevolent Chroma Conclave. Percy bestowed upon her the title of “Lady Vex’ahlia, Baroness of the Third House of Whitestone and Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt”, a title which she carried with pride and honor.

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Lore Sources: Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn, Critical Role Presents: Call of the Netherdeep (D&D Adventure Book) (D&D Critical Role), Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount (D&D Campaign Setting and Adventure Book) (Dungeons & Dragons)

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  1. Comment on this if you ship Percy and Vex

  2. Love the content. I want to say this as nicely as I can… Fenthras wasn't crafted to fight the dragons it was found. It was crafted during and around the divergence.

  3. I mean… The bow wasn't crafted to kill the dragons. Just was a useful tool to that end by chance. It was crafted for slaying things far greater.

    But this is pretty cute. Hope these artists are getting credited.

  4. Early adulthood, sure that's what i call 16

  5. After marrying Percy she became the Baroness of the First House of Whitestone and later was the Mistress of Commerce on the Tal'dorei Council

  6. Wait, the video started with "was a elven ranger" WAS?!?!

  7. You didnt see the CR show i suppose, but there is a wiki full of info, likevthe fact that a gargantuan red dragon kill theyr mother.

  8. I don't know who is responsible for these but they are glorious.

  9. …we just gonna skip the part where their mother is murdered by a dragon? seems kind of important.

  10. What you mean WAS? Oh come on! I just started watching the show and like her!

  11. Wait…..what do you mean WAS a skilled ranger and rogue?

  12. Where are the dick pics man? I thought this was vox machina.

    Now i feel like i went to JRR Tolkien’s Church in Vermont.

  13. There is actually a short novel about her and Vax pre- Vox Machina.

    It's called "Kith and Kin". It's not bad.

  14. "WAS a skilled ranger"?? Bro she's the Lady of the Hunt,.i doubt she's THAT rusty

  15. I really like that first image who's the artist?

  16. She’s also the coin mistress of Whitestone and a member of the tal’dorei council

  17. Was? WAS? Tis implies the Lady Vex'ahlia, Baroness of the third house of Whitestone & Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt has passed & I do NOT accept that! Full stop.

  18. After so long I finally found time to watch the show on prime. Fcking epic

  19. The bow was used to battle literal Gods. All of Vox Machina eventually find and wield one (or more) legendary artifacts from the divergence and it's turmoil's.

    Which is totally not important later, nope. No reason at all to correct that bit of information.

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