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Quantum plays Vex for the first time! (+ a BONUS game!)

0:00 Game 1
12:40 Game 2

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  1. 4:06 kayn in the wolves and she said "did someone just path there?"

  2. another morning that nick keeps me entertained at work XD

  3. Nick uploaded widepeepoHappy <3
    Edit: Also, if you're happy and you know it spam dogJAM

  4. 8:47 the lulu player complaining abt vex being a brainless champ….

  5. maxing E second is the way to go, it decreases the cd, increases the ap ratio and the slow.

  6. game 2 was so much fun to watch hopefully we get more of these

  7. Wait i'm so delayed in the chat wtf? i never noticed LOL

  8. a burst mage with an assasin's R is kinda good no ?
    and playin Vex with rain sound is a best synergy u can have imo

  9. !vex
    try !pbe instead
    try !newchamp instead

  10. nick: I'm gonna int!
    vex: okay…..see if i care

  11. I would love to see small vex adjustments tbh. There is so much playroom for riot with this champ. I am spamming her rn with a solid winrate, so I think I can say this but they could lover r2 dmg and buff literally anything else.
    My fsvorite ideas for compensating r2 dmg nerf:
    1. Small amount of passive healing. Like scaling 5-50 (+10%ap) for the mark proc
    2. E and/or Q quality of lifr change for better/faster comboing because if feels kinda slow if you r r w e q and you dont wanna q e because the auto at the end isnt as good as a combo (you don't have this problem if you can e the enemy before r 2)

  12. Kieran you could have atleast waited until I got a pop off vex game

  13. Game 2 was fucking chaos i loved it live and the video

  14. i can't believe i missed that second one on stream, that was a banger

  15. Oh shiiiiit, I missed these on stream, it's gonna be fun 👹

  16. Some quantum content to brighten up my day…. Gladge 🙂

  17. wait isn't jamaican banana the ivern one trick aka professor ivern with the slide show

  18. Hey Nick. You gotta spam vex on stream.

  19. jungle xp is wonky. the jarven went 1/9 vs a lee sin who went 12/2 and was only 2 levels down
    meanwhile my jungler goes down 5levels in 10 minutes

  20. kieran should make compilation of nick saying “bitch” after he outplayed the enemy ^_^

  21. nick do you think everfrost into cosmic is better than ludens into hypershot. obviously its based on matchup and whatever but which one do you like more.

  22. At 10:52 I literally yelled "WHOOOA BOY, WHOA!" like a rancher trying to stop his horse as Nick flew into 4 people of his own volition

  23. Please no more rocks😭 but I love everything else😂🥲

  24. I hope you like vex so you play her here an there

  25. That second game was absolutely hilarious ! Thanks pappy

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