Vex Was Speechless! -

Vex Was Speechless!

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Vex was very happy with the Yu gi oh cast arriving!


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  1. Mim is fcking made of gold someone preserve that voice.

  2. I love her reaction at the end. I snort laughed so loud that it startled my kids in the other room!

  3. I need to stop up my Pegasus impression. Hell I wanna do better just from hearing your range! So cool!!

  4. Hes talking to himself. The range on this mim.

  5. so who is the father yugi/atem seto or Pegasus. But if you say it was me I did not give you consent and the child will be sent to A S.e.e.D orphanage. There is no joke only pain

  6. Ok… its official

    Now. I am a believer

  7. Wait, can you get someone pregnant with your voice? Do I have to worry about talking to women? I mean, more than I already do?

  8. God, the end though… I pity her anatomy grades

  9. so that's without voice changers right? that's just mim's vocal range?

  10. My Yu-Gi-Oh Loving heart adored this. You did Yu-Gi-Oh so much justice.

  11. took me a while but when i realized that this wasnt playback but Mim's voice i lost it. i really need to watch more of Mim's streams

  12. For a while I used to think that voice actors drastically changed behind the mic whenever they did impressions. But when I watched different voice actors in the booth, I was really shocked to see that literally nothing changed as they would jump back-and-forth between different characters. So I can only imagine that Mim is standing there behind the mic completely expressionless as he knocks out all this awesome vocal work! 😝

  13. Mim is mim you literally can’t describe them any other way

  14. See what happens kids when you don't practice safe voice impressions. People get pregnant.

  15. That voice sounds fitting enough to voice a certain person or cyborg that threw a metal gear in the air.

  16. AYOOOOOOO Mim impregnated Vex with just his voice!

  17. I would like to hear Mimcubus say
    “Consider this a message from the real Seto Kaiba. You lose!!!!!”

  18. Holy fuck it took me a solid 20 seconds to realize that was Mim doing the voice, damn

  19. Oh
    Ok, Mim is definitely too powerful for this world to handle

  20. I thought for a moment that LittleKuriboh was in the call, but then I saw Mim's mouth moving. Color me very impressed.

  21. Holy cow, that is the most amazing impersonation. Mim is very talented.

  22. Mem is a VA diety and the absolute pinnacle of Femboy perfection, a complete package that is a blessing to everyone within their orbit. Sincere respect.

    Lady Vexoria, congratulations on your expectant brood, half Lamia queen and half Mimcubus, the world is doomed in all the best ways.

  23. Mim please tell me your a voice actor you are damned good.

  24. holy shit…!
    that is legit scary.

    Mim is a Voice God.

  25. I maybe straight but this got me questioning 🤣

  26. To that last comment she said “ayooo👀”

  27. You know Mim isn't a normie when they bust out the Pegasus impersonation.

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