VEX vs TWISTED FATE (TOP) | 9/2/5, Dominating, 300+ games | EUW Master | 14.8 -

VEX vs TWISTED FATE (TOP) | 9/2/5, Dominating, 300+ games | EUW Master | 14.8

domisumReplay: Vex
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Watch Vex beat Twisted Fate in Master elo!
Highlights: Good KDA: 9/2/5, Killing spree: Dominating, 300+ games on Vex.
Learn what runes to use, what items to build, understand how to lane, teamfight, and outplay your opponents as #Vex.
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~~~| MATCH INFO |~~~
GAME TYPE: Ranked Solo/Duo 5v5
SEASON: Season 14
PATCH: 14.8

RANK: Master
RIOT ID: Pepek Bol#EUW
RUNES: DOMINATION – Electrocute, Taste Of Blood, Eyeball Collection, Ultimate Hunter; SORCERY – Manaflow Band, Transcendence (Attack Speed + Adaptive Force + Health Scaling)

~~~| OPPONENT |~~~
CHAMPION: Twisted Fate
RANK: Master
RUNES: PRECISION – Fleet Footwork, Triumph, Legend: Alacrity, Last Stand; RESOLVE – Bone Plating, Overgrowth (Attack Speed + Health Scaling + Health Scaling)

I am not one of the summoners playing in the matches uploaded to this channel, so I am unfortunately unable to answer questions about decisions made by the summoners in the game.

rec on wd-marder at 2024-04-22 20|51|47 (CEST); mtdt at 2024-04-22 21|44|43 (CEST); EUW-6905289878-TOP-RED

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