Vex vs The First ILLX Member To Ever Join!?| GTA Online -

Vex vs The First ILLX Member To Ever Join!?| GTA Online

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Here’s some oldschool RnG tryhardey for you guys 😈 The first ILLX Family member to ever join! I got a 1v1 with him but he had to go immediately after… this is the result! 🖤

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  1. it’s sad that almost every og tryhard/player left the game

  2. Love the vids Vex😎keep up the good work💯

  3. If am rockstar I will reset this zillion money account tf

  4. shit just imagine what he was like in his prime

  5. That wasnt a member lmao rotff your desperate asf g

  6. 8 years later and people still moan about 1v1s and scores… so sad 😂 and all this gta crew wars are the gayest thing 😂

  7. Omggg Money $25700000000000000000000 😳💸

  8. I remember I met u a long time ago and u invited me to ur party and I was a fan of ur videos and me and u went base and u posted a video I wonder if u still rember me bro

  9. Since when did the homie use a male character I'm late asl

  10. Vex if your on ps4 id like a 1v1 RNG id like to think im a king of sorts

  11. U do a 1v1 with this guy but scary to 1v1 lowkey lmao

  12. how did u get that much money?

  13. “Bro you’re really about to catch this work bruh” stop the cap 😂🤦🏾‍♂️🧢

  14. I wish I enjoyed gta back when it was competitive but fun

  15. Do you let base players try out for illx? I wanna join on my main account

  16. Him in his prime.
    Me on nes playing mario "I was goated"

  17. Was he playing around in dis video bc I know for a fact he's not playin fr

  18. Are we not gon talk about how much money this guy got😂

  19. Did anyone see him shooting thru walls

  20. The first guy to ever join ILLX/XAMX/GETB… Jajiman… he joined when he was 11-12 years old.. he’s 17 or almost 17 now i’m not too sure.. they grow up so fast 😭 sorry we could only do 1v1 before he had to leave as he rarely plays GTA anymore but yeah 🖤 gg’s

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