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League of Legends Wild Rift Vex vs. Malphite Mid Lane Gameplay

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Edited on Adobe Premiere pro.

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  1. Yesterday I was playing Caitlyn, and when I shot my first skill it hit an enemy champion that was behind the barons pit(I was checking if there was someone behind red buff) and when it hit, it literally hit baron afterwards and I stole it

  2. Can you share your id game, i wanna play with you, if you want

  3. What's the best combo for vex? R, W, E, Q?

  4. Enemy vex: 100% ult accuracy

    Teammate vex: Literally misses it even tho the enemy is right infront of them

  5. aa the triunf rune wasn t on time look at the heal, it was like 2 sec. more an you got this heal. mabe the malph dieds a bit earlier. that s because I play whit shield and not whit ignite.

  6. Vex In the computer she is not happy. Vex In the cell phone, she is very happy.

  7. His ult is so hard to hit even the enemy is front of me dude is it just my skill problem dude

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