Vex Ult from Base to Base to Base to Base -

Vex Ult from Base to Base to Base to Base

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Title pretty much says it all!
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  1. I expected the hit to have a massive amount of damage…The disappointment

  2. 😂Feed the enemy and Complaint against teammates

  3. Se ela da tp na base ela consegue voltar mais uma vez

  4. Nice , another chemp Which i will hate:)

  5. Caster Minions: “I don’t get paid enough for this crap”

  6. What if vex used teleport mid air?

  7. Ekko's better for the job than malphite, as he can r to travel 2 more times

  8. Could you do the same with Shen? (First back, then tp, then back, then shen's ult and then back)

  9. I half expected maplh to keep teleporting so she dies to turret aggro

  10. You could do from base to base to base to base to base to base if he's ulting a shen which will ult his ally for the additional teleport

  11. Lol are scammers that take away people account for no reason and let trolls ruin games. They dont care. They are the true toxicity in this game. Period. Stop supporting such games who clearly dont care about their community and will take away your expensive account just so you have to make a new one and spend more money.

  12. Seeing this, I feel so glad I uninstalled.

  13. you could probably do one more with a shen who has a yuumi shield

  14. Any idea what you're going to do with those frequent flier miles?

  15. What the frick? Vex ult didn't cancel Malphite recall. Plus, I thought first cast of her ult deal damage

  16. base to base to base to BASE if you use shen 🙂

  17. Players: Vex is broken
    Riot: No she's not, she's super easy to counter
    Players: o yeah? Show us

  18. Well video become lots longer if he use ekko tho

  19. Malphite yerine twisted fate olabilirmiş

  20. Mano how do you do that with this malphite hero?? and bot that you put your friend?

  21. Shoulda done it with Ekko so you can R back to base

  22. Juanito Alimaña Si tiene maña es malicia viva says:

    Mega gengar está muy cambiado :0

  23. How do you carry game after game of retards feeding n i alone here ?

  24. I love how even though Vexs ult damage scales based on how far she travels after the recast, she didnt even break the Malphite’s shield

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