VEX Tipping Point world record match (327 points) -

VEX Tipping Point world record match (327 points)

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VRC, Tri-Valley Tournament #1
Blue: 29760C and 3303S (327)
Red: 5327Aand 3303T (40)

The bot got hard to control when it was only holding the neutrals lol


  1. For anyone who doesn’t understand the bottom left bot was having a malt function and couldn’t turn right.

  2. That robot that holds 3 goals is super original, rlly cool

  3. Isnt it illegal to hold more than 2 goals at a time per alliance?

  4. This is cool and all but what the heck was the bot in the bottom left tryna do? It just stayed in that corner the entire game lmao

  5. That was amazing! I'd never seen a robot that can carry a third goal just sitting on the top the way that one did.

  6. FTC is more fun and interesting to watch. If you want to join or make a robotics team, make one that's with FTC.

  7. I have never seen a double elevated robots. Very cool

  8. I've never seen a score break the 300 barrier in person, its just so hard to get that many rings and balance. GGs.

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