Vex, The Gloomist | Champion Theme - League of Legends -

Vex, The Gloomist | Champion Theme – League of Legends

League of Legends
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Flutes: Sara Andon, Johanna Borenstein
Alto Flute: Steve Kujala
Oboe: Claire Brazeau
English Horn: Rong Huey Liu
Clarinets: Stuart Clark, Chris Stoutenborough
Bass Clarinet: Brian Walsh
Contrabass Clarinet: Phil O’Connor
Bassoons: Damian Montano, Jordan Brokken
Contrabassoon: Jon Stehney
Bass Saxophone: Greg Huckins
Music by: Riot Music Team

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  1. It really sounds like she's terribly dark and unbothered to killing

  2. 1:10 I like this concept so much. Riot, if you were to realease her as a champion, maybe even yuumi's master, it would be super nice imo. She doesn't look like vex at all, and she could be the artillery mage vex tournd out not being

  3. I love the way Yordles keep mimicking the places they live in to the extremes, like how living in the Shadow Isles has Vex be this necromantic umbral powerhouse but also a stereotypical edgy teenager, or Poppy in Demacia being this absolute paragon paladin but also totally blind to the terrible crimes her nation is inflicting on its own people. Kled is a martial powerhouse but also a hillbilly nutjob parodying imperialism. Heimerdinger in Piltover, Ziggs in Zaun, etc.

    It makes me want to see Shuriman, Targonian, Ixtali, and Freljordian yordles.

  4. if the yordle are smurf, this one is the grunch smurf.

  5. Glasses vex deaign are cool in their own right

  6. Vex feels like a dangerous yordles among all yordles

  7. Wait, we could have had glasses Vex??? Riot why would you deny me this? Why won't you make characters w/ glasses(not shades/visors/other eyeware I mean good ole spectacles)???

  8. Kuu Luna ±‡†The Enlightened Moon†‡± says:

    I wonder what riot do to those unused character concept designs

  9. they really should have kept the three eyes concept for shadow, it's a small thing but it looked really cool

  10. An evil pikachu that is atually too lazy to do evil so Blah- lol
    Def. love the art

  11. Love the haunting Harry Potter vibes 😍😍

  12. i'm always amazed how many good concepts arts there are for a single champ, and how they reliably choose the worst one lol

  13. this actually suits veigar better as a yordal corrupted by mordekaiser

  14. The truth is that… Vex and Six from Little Nightmares are the same "person" (?)

  15. I like the massive top bun version. Hope that becomes a champ

  16. They have so many cool concepts but how did they come up with this?
    It's not bad but I'm just confused

  17. today Vex was released

    have an gloomy birthday Vex, i guess

  18. Some of these concepts could literally be entirely separate yordle champions on their own and you'd never know it was originally a Vex concept if they never showed it or told you. A lot of these look REALLY cool.

    A beast tamer yordle?
    A rock bending yordle with chaotic energy?
    A yordle dual weilding various weapons?
    A yordle using a magical staff?

    You'd never know.

  19. I wish that riot gave the download links from all these champions, like the old days.

  20. I personally think all the other designs are better choices

  21. Still waiting for my royalties guys hahaha

  22. seen lot's of p*** of this one outhere

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