Vex, the Gloomist Ability Reveal | New Champion -

Vex, the Gloomist Ability Reveal | New Champion

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The new champion Vex, the Gloomist is here!
Thanks to Riot Games for providing some of the assets in this video!
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Video contains Vex Abilities descriptions.

00:00 Passive Doom n’ Gloom
00:21 Q Mistral Bolt
00:38 W Personal Space
01:00 E Looming Darkness
01:18 R Shadow Surge
01:34 Classic Vex Splash
01:42 Dawnbringer Vex Splash


  1. is a flashy damage dealing ability which has resets but puts her at risk.

  2. Simple to understand kit and anti-dash, I like her. I hope she's always on my team.

  3. So he pretty much fears the enemies and that's it

  4. yall got baby brain if you have a hard time understanding champion kits 😛


  6. One of the nicest release skin cards I’ve Seen in a while

  7. Having 20 fears every 5 seconds isnt overpowered at all.

  8. no fking way….. its somewhat original and not complicated?

  9. Rito: we heard you guys don't like all the dashes on our new champs, so here's a champ that has anti-dash. Also Rito: oh, and we gave her ult a dash because

  10. FIddle Q in passive, Seraphine R in Q, Sion W in W, Swain W in E, Kai'Sa R in R. This company isn't running out of ideas seriously

  11. What's with these recent champions that look all like fan service.. First it was the appeal to Orientals with gachas, now is the appeal to deviants with these champions..

  12. Awesome champion, makes me think of Gangar in Pokémon unity

  13. Ah yes, 200 years on display for the world to see lol

  14. the fucking splash art is a copy of Near from death note lmao

  15. R34 artists: sniffing the ground I smell something… F r E s h

  16. So… Basically riot made a dashing champion that stops other dashing champions from dashing.


  17. Imagine playing against her with shadows off in settings.

  18. I hope she will be in available in wild drift

  19. I love her so much!. Too bad her first skin is some doodoo garbage ass bullshit

  20. how about … NoctuStickes … sounds familiar ?

    yup thats what i see nothing more

  21. Am I the only one who hasn't played League in ages, does not want to return, but for some reason, watches every champion spotlight?

  22. Welp,guess i'm not going to play kalista for a whole month

  23. Whoever designed this champion should design the next champion. Whoever designed Samira, Aphelios, Zoe, Akshan etc, should stop.

  24. Wowee a pastel teal and pink champ! That's NEW.

  25. This kit looks SO GOOD.
    like, her basic abilities are, actually basic her passive doesn't do a billion things and honestly I think her ultimate is almost underwhelming for an ultimate. She feels like a legit champ and I can't wait to play her! Whoever designed this champion, give them a f*cking raise! Job well done!

  26. Oh, let's remove fiddlestick old comedy fears a lot just by w then crow silence spell and move it to a pandering champion fears with every spell on top of heavy damage. Yea Riot make something like Marvels new warriors' character. Since Tencent put the money it is generic champion, its new meme clone or pandering like this wannabe twilight movie Yordle. < better yet combination of all. Bloody heck I miss it was the meme about Ashe And Vel'koz was a big thing. We can't have skulls anylonger or twister treeline characters unless it goes Deisney phase and China phase :/ then like this insulting Champion. Riot is scewing up now.

  27. Where’s the description that she can last hit execute?

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