VEX The Depressed Yordle - COMMUNITY REACTION -


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Riot Games Announced the new champions and of course, we reacted to it as players… I hope you enjoy. Please like and subscribe.


  1. "Wait…this character LIKES Viego…i shall report back to R34 headquarters, they need to see this"

  2. Amumu got a friend
    Good job riot for ruining champion lore again

  3. Wow, they made Viego so hated by the other characters that they had to give him a creepy yordle simp to redeem themselves

  4. now i just waiting malphite girlfriend

  5. Riot is obsessed and they have fetish with these all barefoot champs like wth riot

  6. I never felt like laughing today thank you

  7. Meh like her about as much as any other yordle

  8. i love her but

    she called Ivern a stupid tree

    I hate her

  9. Riot learned their lesson from Gwen and Seraphine that league of legends player like depressed champions.


  11. The Amumu paradox is false, I counter with: Vex will just depress him but he’ll be depressed because of the gloomy vibes instead of the lack of friendship

  12. What’s the name of the song at the start

  13. Vex – Raven,Crona or Squidward
    Gwen – Alice
    Seraphine – Barbie
    Viego – Gotye
    Akshan – Aladin

  14. Now rengar can't jump anymore if this emo yordle is on the enemy team

  15. Her personality fits to Gen Z Players

  16. Welp. A depressed emo yordle. Ofc many people tooootally "relate" to them. Quite cancerous. But it's league so what do i expect.. xD Welp, destroying Vex players and making them more depressed will be fun! <3

  17. Can someone make a video of vex walking with mr krabs sound effect?

  18. This is by far most accurate representation of an teens in the league

  19. Character wise, she is pretty solid. Is she the most creative masterpiece that I've ever seen? No, but she's definitely better than most League champs, and there's a lot of things I love about her. Amumu is the only other champion who is fully about depression (keyword is "fully about", because there are quite a few champs that are a bit depressed), but there are enough things to differentiate Vex from Amumu, so I wouldn't really call them copies.
    As for gameplay, it looks quite fun, especially because I generally like champions that are more about decision making and not flashy mechanics (like Aurelion Sol, Bard, Swain, Xerath, Senna, Seraphine, Lissandra, Rell, and so on), and Vex definitely seems to focus more on the former and not the latter. She could also fit into my champ pool nicely, since other than Lissandra, pretty much every midlaner I play struggles into assassins, who happen to be both extremely strong and popular right now. So rest assured that if she doesn't become pick/ban, then I'll definitely make sure to give her a shot.

  20. The thing is, Amumu and Vex won't last as friends, Amumu would be happy to finally have a friend, but Vex hates Happiness xD

  21. you should make an all quotes against garen, I wonder how many champions mock him saying demacia

  22. The whole sense of amumu as a champion is gone

  23. Damn, it appears that I have liked and subscribed.

  24. you know, only male yordle has fur covering whole body, so IT IS A HE NOT HER!

  25. Riot knows her audience. Creating a champion who is depressed, speaks in gen-z and a furry. This is like the embodiment of Reddit

  26. That's a game… A game is meant to be fun… I know lol isn't fun from the beginning, but hell riot is taking it way too deep. A depressed 12yo girl isn't fun at all

  27. Mate I am just happy to have something other than a Buffed shirtless guy or Omega beautiful girl, I mean, It's even a YORDLE, you know? That incredible race Riot almost forgot about? As a poppy main I salute all Vex mains.

  28. Me senna support vs vex support I rarely felt like something is more unplayable

  29. And she is not do popular like you said

  30. the billie eilish thing is super f*cking cringe

  31. I love standing in the middle of the map and talk to my opponent. Just listen to vex saying “don’t care, don’t care, dont care”, so cute

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