VEX Starstruck - 2016-2017 VEX Robotics Competition Game -

VEX Starstruck – 2016-2017 VEX Robotics Competition Game

VEX Robotics
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  1. I missed this game by one year when I first joined in the 2017 2018 game

  2. Reply what you think about this year's game. I'd love to discuss it.

  3. I wonder if we could shove these things into our flywheels

  4. Looks fairly simple, except for picking up the star.

  5. I so happy to finally see the new VEX challenge.

  6. Well, this year's competition parameters sure are different, it will be a challenge shooting stars across the field.  Whatever VEX has to throw at us, we are ready!

  7. looks like this year will be fun…. good luck to all fellow vex teams

  8. I'm glad this one won't have such high scores as NbN. It was hard to keep track of 200+ points, this will be much more manageable. #starstruckhype!!!

  9. Well… Definitely a challenge 🙃 But I can't wait to start!

  10. I suggest building a catapult to shoot the stars over the fence. A solution wiuld be gathering the stars until the end

  11. Anyone else "starstruck" about the new game 😀

  12. See you all at the competition
    If you can handle it 😉

  13. My school's idea, The box bot, literally a box of plates with wheels

  14. Those stars are going to be hard for a robot to pick up

  15. We just got the game pieces in for practice and wow, the stars are so much smaller than they make them look,and the cubes are so "deflated"

  16. Ralph Chandler Middle School VEX robotics I'm in it

  17. hope to see you guys on the field and best of luck

  18. When you demolish the other team and then High hang at the end

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