Vex Spin Up No Motor No Wheel Drive (INSANE!!!) -

Vex Spin Up No Motor No Wheel Drive (INSANE!!!)

2029C Inception
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u def want to copy this design right now, make it your drive train, youll win worlds fs.
#shorts #vex #robot #robotics


  1. ggs, can't wait to see u at world's with that beast of a bot

  2. First saw this on 62A a while ago, glad I see other teams doing this

  3. One could improve upon this design with a reverse ratcheted release trebuchet. When you drive backwards it would activate such a mechanism enabling efficient scoring.

  4. Glad to see other teams doing this. First saw it on 62A a while ago. Great bot. Great video.

  5. Only concern is that I can’t tell if it’s in size. No way that’s under 18 inches

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