Vex Shouldn't Be Added To The Game, Here's Why... -

Vex Shouldn’t Be Added To The Game, Here’s Why…

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  1. bought taliyah at 7800 and i still don't know what's the purpose of this champ xd

  2. i dont know why we argue about vex when irelia still exists
    even without any flashy irelking type combos you can just destroy everyone any rank as long as you have at least small piece of brain
    as vex i went 3/0 against irelia, she was dashing into me like a bot, i proced my pasive autoatack often because of that and guess what
    i end up loosing because she got fed XD

  3. taliyah shouldโ€™ve gotten her rework earlier instead of vex getting added. I mean vexโ€™s personality is nice and all but I feel like thatโ€™s all she adds to this game

  4. i'd agree if riot decides to change the stun duration of taliya's E
    like each rock that procs increases stun duration so if you decide to dash through the entire rock floor you get REALLY punished

  5. Vex isn't unnecessary at all, she is just another yordle champion
    the explanation of her kit is because she's a yordle
    every single yordle in the game are made to be counter pick to some champs or just being really freaking annoying
    Poppy is a great anti assassins example,
    Lulu who is the only champ in the game that can disarm you
    veigar has an annoying stun and outplay button
    rumble, tristana, fizz, yuumi, etc
    and the best example, teemo

    vex is just another yordle that can counter dashes and be kinda annoying in laning phase
    so I don't think she's unnecessary to the game, she's just another yordle

  6. Anti dash champ with a 1000 RANGE DASH wtf is that bs

  7. Not to mention a mage shouldnโ€™t be a counter to an assassin. You are playing an immobile champion that does high damages with the trade of not being able to get out. Vex not only pokes you out of lane but insists for you to engage her as an assassin so she gets free damage.

  8. I think she kind of replaces Annie in the "shit I got autofilled mid what am I going to do"
    I'm not going to say Annie is hard but compared to other mages she gets outranged and needs to play like an assassin to land her combo like using rocketbelt in combination or flash to engage for her team. Vex is easier because she has a free engage . much longer range and really easy to hit Q even if it's not point and click. Vex is just so noob friendly for anyone getting into midlane because she has good utility waveclear range and damage. I think Shes a good design its just kind of silly to make her an antidash champ and just call her an autofill champ.

  9. ๋กฑ์˜ค์ผ๋ผ์ด์ž says:

    I feel like a lot of champs they add nowadays are based on or similar to old champs.

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