Vex Robotics End Game: New Vex Robotics Battlebots Set -

Vex Robotics End Game: New Vex Robotics Battlebots Set

Khaotic Robotics
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A quick video on the new Vex Robotics End Game Set.


  1. Not really a review, just a video so you can get an idea of how it works.

  2. Can you make it rc with VEX IQ like I did with Tombstone?

  3. How did they make that disc spinner so well-carved?!

  4. The clear bit of plastic is kind of like what the real End Game had!

  5. I want this so bad, my favorite bot is End Game

  6. If only the drive belt never comes off end game this season….

  7. I’m the only person who liked everything thing in comments section

    Before me, no one had liked any comment or reply

  8. i have that set to but the pulley kept on breaking

  9. Can you do a tutorial for the weapon I cant put it on

  10. Mine doesn't launch anything that much at all. I may have put a gear or something in too tight. Other than that, I like it. I've also tried making it look like the 2020-2021 version.

  11. My weapon is always spinning backwards what should I do

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