VEX Robotics Competition Turning Point: 2018-2019 VRC Game -

VEX Robotics Competition Turning Point: 2018-2019 VRC Game

VEX Robotics
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Introducing the 2018-2019 VEX Robotics Competition, Turning Point! Click here for more information:


  1. Dude im soooo hype for this, now all i need is some V5 parts

  2. First. This is going to be a really interesting year

  3. Good luck everybody! See yall at the competitions! -56375

  4. Awesome. I'm trying out for this competition on my selected team.

  5. Being a vex iq world champion and heading into high school, can't wait for this!

  6. Hoping to join my schools team this year as a freshman, can't wait to see this. Good luck to all.

  7. Can't wait to see how my team 43210 does next season

  8. At our high school (I'm in middle) they one something I believe. Congrats to everyone! And good luck!

  9. It was amazing to be the first middle school team in In The Zone, in our school district. Making it to world's was great and seeing this was amazing too. Moving on to a new team will be great. -1340A, now 7316B. VEX rules!

  10. Finally in my robotics program. Wish me luck!!

  11. I’m doing robotics club this year at school. So far, it’s really fun and I can’t wait for competitions! ❤️❤️

  12. For the 20 balls available, its ridiculous that they are used only to toggle the flags.

  13. Robots can possess up to two balls at once….

  14. We want to joint the competition this year and I tried to contact you and your reseller but unfortunately no one answer me!!

  15. I just noticed the ball they showed when they talked about the high flags was thrown from above the field.

  16. People from my school are going to America for the world final!
    Like to wish them luck!!!

  17. How would one go about making an arm on a vex robot able to throw the balls the flags

  18. Like if ur exited for the next callange

  19. I'm so excited for the this year's game! This is going to be a difficult game for the coders, though. Coders like me. 😅

  20. 1:25 How can that robot possibly climb up that (without human help)

  21. I didnt log out of my account at a target store

  22. I am a person who is trolling this acCOUNT

  23. Not to be confused with the 2021-2022 game, tipping point

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